MBO knife folding unit technology introduction

SUPER-KTL and SUPER-KTLT versions MBO SUPER-KTL and SUPER-KTLT versions determine the industry standard socket-type bearings to allow the cutter shaft to move quickly; this feature adds more operational possibilities than previous methods. The pair of knife shafts are located behind the folding knife. The next fence is in the cross-fold and triple-fold units. At the same time, the complicated and time-consuming installation process of the folding knife in the middle of the folding stick and the conversion from the folding stick to the shear folding knife shaft are eliminated. When 32-page double-folding is being produced, the SUPER-KTLT version replaces the time-consuming and space-consuming fence folding machine.

VACU Folding Knife VACU folding knife makes the combined folding unit produce new size products with higher folding quality. The height, length and angle of the bilaterally guided VACU folding knife can be adjusted as needed, and at the same time the folding knife length can be adjusted according to the paper size, thereby improving production efficiency. The pneumatically driven VACU folding knife guides the paper at the same speed, knowing that the paper enters the folding stick, thus ensuring high-quality, more accurate folding and punching effects.

Innovative Knife Folding Unit I VACUKNIFE made of linear, special-driven special materials improves production efficiency. The operator-centric machine settings ensure optimal access to the knife folding unit. In the cross-fold and triple-fold units, the paper guide with special belt and brush allows the paper to be positioned without the side positioning table. By turning the cross folding unit to the top and pulling out the three folding unit, including the respective folding knives, it is possible to achieve free access to the folding roller and the knife shaft under the folding knife. At the same time, the cross folding rule can also be used as a waste paper discharge port.

Combined folding machine K 800 / SUPER-KTZ perfect version At the 2006 Ipex exhibition, MBO first demonstrated the new combined folding machine SUPER-KTZ. Its configuration makes the unique combination folding machine K 800 PERFECTION (perfect version) become truly flexible; because this innovative machine configuration combines the previous two configurations on a single machine, the original KZ and SUPER- KTL is concentrated on SUPER-KTZ.

This new three-fold unit can be rotated 180 degrees from the left to the right of the machine's paper exit-the SUPER-KTL configuration becomes a SUPER-KTZ configuration without a time-consuming conversion device. Combined with the fence after the first set of folding knives and the next set of stainless steel knife shafts (which can be moved quickly through socket bearings), this new combined folding machine configuration SUPER-KTZ greatly increases the flexibility. The flexible rotation feature provides customers with more value-added benefits. By combining the three-folding unit at different positions on the left or right, and combining the fence behind the first set of folding knives, it is possible to produce folding types that previously required two machines to complete.

This new combined folding machine configuration SUPER-KTZ provides more value-added for every customer and machine operator.

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