Suggested plastic bottle packaging samples need to be provided

For many manufacturers engaged in the production of plastic bottles, I believe that as long as the plastic bottle sample problems, there will always be a lot of frustration. Many purchasers have to determine whether the quality of a plastic bottle is good or bad, whether the style meets the needs of the product, how the market is accepted, etc., all of which require the plastic bottle manufacturer to provide a small amount of sample before the purchase. In order to compete for customer resources, a plastic bottle manufacturer has gradually formed a non-written provision to provide samples for buyers free of charge. This was originally a good thing. However, purchasers are often at the option of acquiring plastic samples from many plastic bottle manufacturers for free. This makes it often impossible for plastic bottle manufacturers to provide samples but eventually obtain orders. For a plastic bottle manufacturer, the free sample plus the cost of mailing is often an expensive one-year expenditure. For some small plastic bottle manufacturers is a heavy burden.

We believe that this will require plastic bottle manufacturers to work together to improve this situation and change the unwritten rule that there are paid sample plastic bottles in the entire industry. It means that the buyer must pay a certain fee if he needs to obtain the sample. This aspect has effectively reduced the burden on the plastic bottle manufacturers. On the other hand, it also allows purchasers to take samples more seriously. However, this unwritten rule has a long history. To improve this situation, all plastic bottle manufacturers must work together to cope with it. This time, it is necessary to play the role of relevant associations.

This brush can brush a large area .
Its range of application: rough wall, semi smooth wall surface, smooth wall surface. We use different materials so that it can be used freely in any range. In the process, we can replace the sleeve, corresponding to different paint and wall, which can reduce costs.
Its size, diameter, nap, material can meet your needs.
Handle material: plastic, plastic. The handle of the plastic is light and easy to carry. The rubber handle has a high degree of comfort and a stronger sense of experience.
Production process: product production processes, handle molding, handle assembly, hair set production, processing, the size of the fleece fleece early treatment, hair set of fine processing, final assembly and packaging.
Each process will check the results of the previous process, as much as possible to reduce defective products, reduce the rate of defective products.

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