White Paper: The Right Choice of Ink Systems (I)

Editor's note: We believe that any type of ink system sold in the market will have a real impact on your business. Therefore, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these consumables.

When choosing the digital output device that is most suitable for your target market, many factors will affect your operation - choice of substrates, start-up and maintenance costs of printers and inks, customer requirements for print quality and durability, The speed of production, the rules that companies must comply with, and the health and safety issues of employees related to hazardous chemicals.

Your choice of inkjet printer will have a major impact on the use of digital ink. Since aqueous, solvent-based, mild solvent-based, UV-curable and eco-friendly inks are suitable for different substrates, you need to know which product is best for you.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter how environmentally friendly an ink system is, it will release harmful chemicals. This means that when you use certain ink products, you must comply with certain laws and regulations. Since digital imaging devices are not within the limits of these regulations, people do not have to worry about their use. The special imaging industry is working hard to find an efficient solution that integrates ink security with environmental protection issues. To find out which hazardous chemicals your ink contains, you can go from the manufacturer to the Chemical Safety Data Sheet for each ink. Although safety and environmental issues often plague the ink system, each can be transformed into one of the success factors for business operations by properly managing the equipment.

In addition, each ink system has a drying time, and the drying time given by the manufacturer is the time required for the ink to fully adhere to the surface of the substrate and can be post-processed; and the curing time refers to the complete curing of the ink. The time on the surface of the substrate. These two times are different, so find the manufacturer of the ink and find out how the ink curing time will affect the entire production.

Always keep in mind that most device manufacturers require you to purchase their ink or to cancel the printer's warranty period. However, when you consider using a digital ink sold by a third-party ink distributor, you should learn more about the extended warranty period and the range it covers.

Once you have a clear understanding of the needs of printing equipment, the next step is to compare the characteristics and limitations of various digital inks. The correct ink should be suitable for the substrate you choose, but also help you achieve production goals.

We have collected all the information related to the selection of digital inks in order to give you a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the digital ink market.

In addition to understanding the characteristics and precautions of the ink, people should also understand the process of ink attachment. Or you can find a technical glossary to help you better understand the parameters of the digital ink specification.

Understanding the characteristics of digital ink before investing allows you to save a lot of money by avoiding mistakes in ink selection.

Digital ink features

Digital ink is now very hot, it can be said to be very fire. In order to help you choose the right digital ink system to make your production run smoothly, we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of each ink system. Any ink system can be safely and effectively applied to your production process. The key question is what can make your business hot.

UV curable ink


Full-featured and capable of printing on rigid substrates such as cardboard products, plastics, glass, wood, ceramics and metals.

Can help you with faster production, because people do not have to wait for the ink to dry.

Save on production costs, more flexible on the substrate, but it requires higher front-end equipment than other digital printers.

It is not necessary to remove insoluble waste by continuously cleaning the print head.


The price is more expensive than other inks. This is mainly caused by the rising cost of ink raw materials.

Since it is always in a wet state, it needs to be secured at every step of transportation and use.

Ultraviolet light and the like need to be installed on the print head in order to dry the ink. Also, regular replacement of UV light etc. is required.

UV-cured prints require post-processing in order to obtain greater durability.

The next goal of UV inks is to continuously improve their adhesion on soft, flexible substrates.

Solvent type ink


Considered as the most economical ink in the field of digital printing today, its requirements for equipment and maintenance are not very high.

Can produce durable outdoor prints

The substrates needed are less expensive than the coating materials used for aqueous inks.

Ideal for printing on soft materials, but also on low-cost, non-coated materials such as self-adhesive vinyl, fiber, and fiberglass banner materials.


Drying speed is fast but VOC (volatile organic compounds) are emitted. VOCs are a hot issue in environmental regulations and worker safety laws. For printers that use traditional solvent-based inks (or use large format digital printers) to produce large volumes of printed matter, a proper ventilation system is needed to effectively manage VOCs, minimizing their damage to the human body and the environment.

The increasing regulations on VOC emissions in the North American and European markets may have an impact on the use of these inks in international markets.

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