Buying guide: Is it good to lay bamboo flooring or wooden flooring?

Bamboo flooring is better than wooden flooring in the same quality.

The bamboo floor is dried with small bamboo pieces, and the wooden floor is dried as a whole.

Bamboo flooring moisture treatment is less uniform than wood flooring.

Bamboo flooring is arranged in straight fibers and is not susceptible to distortion. The wood floor fibers are arranged in a complicated arrangement, so they are easily distorted.

The texture of the wooden floor is different from that of the straight line. It is difficult to obtain a good overall paving effect, and the bamboo floor has no such deficiency.

Because bamboo is the hardest of all plants in the world, bamboo flooring is less afraid of water and dry than wooden flooring.

Bamboo flooring also has the distinction of whole bamboo flooring and bamboo-wood composite flooring. There are different fees for keel and straight paving when paving.

But in terms of price, excellent bamboo flooring is more expensive than fine wood flooring.

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