Proper use of copiers saves us time and effort

As the most commonly used office equipment, we believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar. However, many office workers often affect the normal use of the machine due to some improper operations, which in turn affects office efficiency and even brings unnecessary maintenance costs to the company. Therefore, it is very important to know how to use some copiers in daily work.

First, the ventilation environment of the copier is very important.

The copier actually does not have much radiation itself, and a large part of the harmful substances it produces comes from harmful gases formed in the air due to static electricity during work. Inhalation of this gas can cause discomfort such as coughing, dry mouth and dry mouth. Severe can also cause toxic emphysema, and also cause nervous system diseases. Therefore, the copier must be placed in a place with good ventilation. If it is a closed room, try to choose a place with venting holes to ensure the flow of indoor air. It is best to place a few pots of radiation-proof plants near the copier. In the course of our work, it is best to be able to breathe outdoors at regular intervals.

Second, the copy machine should not be moved.

When we choose a location for the copier, do not move easily. If you want to move, you must choose horizontal movement, not tilt. In order to ensure the best operation, at least 90 cm should be left on the left and right sides of the machine, and 13 cm space should be left on the back (if the machine is equipped with a pager, it takes about 23 cm).

Third, the copier should use a stable AC power source.

The copier power problem is the key to the life of the copier. We must know that the rated voltage of the copier is 200v to 240v. If the voltage of the power socket we use is too high or too low, it will not work properly. When the copier is found to be malfunctioning, the copier's switch should be turned off immediately and then checked. If the fault is checked under power-on, the life of the copier is shortened and a larger malfunction may occur. If we don't use it for a long time, we must turn off the power to save consumption. When using it normally, do not switch the power supply frequently, and keep it in an energy-saving working state. This will effectively protect the optical components inside the copier.

Fourth, the copier should be preheated before use.

In fact, after we go to work every morning, we can preheat the copier we are going to use for about half an hour. The purpose of this is mainly to keep the inside of the copier dry, so that we can make it more smooth when copying.

Fifth, keep the photocopying machine glass plate clean

Our photocopying is carried out on the glass plate of the copier, so it is usually necessary to keep the glass of the copier clean, to ensure that there are no scratches, no correction fluid, fingerprints and the like, otherwise the copying effect will be affected. If spots are present, clean the glass with a soft glass cleaner. And when we use the copier, we must cover the above light barrier to reduce the irritating light to the eyes.

Sixth, the choice of paper is critical

The copier was damaged. A large part of the reason was that the paper was stuck inside, causing the internal structure to malfunction and damage the machine. Therefore, when placing the paper, we must choose a flat high-quality copy paper. Wrinkled, damaged, damp paper should never be placed in the tray. And the paper placed should not exceed the allowable range.

Seventh, timely powder to ensure the normal operation of the copier

The normal copying of the copier is determined by the toner inside, so we should always pay attention to the remaining amount of consumables at any time, and be ready to add powder to the copier at any time. If the powder is not added in time, it may cause the copier to malfunction or produce powder impact noise. When adding powder, it is not possible to use inferior toner, otherwise it will cause flying powder and bottom ash to damage the machine.

Finally, after we have used the copier, we need to wash our hands in time to ensure that there is no residual dust on the hands. If you find that the copier is not working properly, you should cut off the power in time. It is best to have a professional person inspect and repair it.

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