Overtraining may lead to women's difficulty in conception

As an athlete, or a sports enthusiast, do you want to have a baby?

If you are going to get pregnant, relax a little while training. Because the latest research indicates that the body does not have enough energy to support a large amount of training and pregnancy.


About 7% of Norwegian women suffer from infertility, which means that they do not have a successful pregnancy within one year without contraception, but this does not mean that they cannot conceive in the future.

There are many reasons for infertility, which may be caused by physical factors or life factors. The proven causes include alcohol and tobacco, and weight is also important. Overweight or too thin will have an impact.

Compared with ordinary women, outstanding sports players often have problems with infertility.

However, for the average woman, does the more vigorous physical exercise affect fertility?

Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have presented an accurate report on this issue, with 3,000 women.

The conclusion is that frequent and more intense exercise can significantly reduce the reproductive capacity of young women, but the impact is limited to training periods.


Two high-risk groups

Nord-Trondelag Health Research Center (Health Survey of Nord-Trøndelag) in 1984 and 1986, participation in the survey exercise frequency, intensity and time to study women; and between 1995 and 1997, recording their mothers and their children Status, complete the report. The women who participated in the study were all healthy and at an age suitable for pregnancy, and there was no history of infertility.

Researcher Sigridur Lara Gudmundsdottir said, "In all women participating in the program, we found two ethnic groups, the proportion of infertility is higher: one is a woman who trains every day; the other is not only training every day, but also exhausted Only after the rest. The latter also has the highest proportion of infertility."

Regardless of the frequency and duration of the exercise, it is always trained to exhausted women, 24% suffer from infertility; and 11% infertility is trained every day . Women who participated in the study, if they were younger than 30 years old, the impact of exercise on fertility will be more obvious.

Even if there are other possible factors, it will affect the information, such as BMI , smoking habits, age and past pregnancy status.

But the findings clearly show that "training of women every day, cases of impaired fertility is not fully 3.5 times the training of women; women and comparisons intense training and moderate training, the former is the latter of impaired fertility 3 Times.

In women with moderate or low-intensity exercise, fertility status has no effect.

Is this temporary? The negative effects of overtraining are not permanent.

Gudmundsdottir said, "Most women in the study have children at the end, but women who have a high exercise intensity at the beginning are the ones who give birth to the most children. There are many reasons why they are not easy to conceive at first, but there are More children. We don't know if they have changed their exercise habits during the two investigations; maybe they just had some trouble when they first started to try to get pregnant, but after taking hormones, they became more likely to get pregnant."

The load is too big?

Scientists believe that intense (high-intensity) physical activity consumes a lot of energy, so the body's body will be short of energy in a short period of time. During this time, it can't maintain the normal operation of hormones, and naturally it will not be able to conceive.

In addition, previous studies have also confirmed that people who exercise moderately have better insulin function and hormones, and are more likely to be pregnant than those who are not exercising, especially obese.

Don't think about it!

If you want to get pregnant, should you give up all sports? The answer is not like this. Gudmundsdottir said, "Excessive or too low exercise has a negative impact on fertility, but moderate exercise is beneficial! The key is the "moderate" word, each person's body metabolism is different, so "moderate The amount of exercise varies from person to person."

She also stressed that women in sports must pay attention to their menstrual cycle, long menstrual cycle or menstruation did not come, is a warning!

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