Discussion on some difficult problems of structured integrated wiring system

With the accelerated pace of social informatization, people's concepts and requirements for modern architecture have also changed.The emergence of intelligent buildings has injected new concepts into traditional architecture and has become the direction of modern architecture development. The wiring system is the basis and prerequisite for intelligent building.

1. The relationship between the intelligent building and the integrated wiring system

The intelligent building is a comprehensive system integrating building automation system BAS, communication automation system CAS and office automation system OAS.

BAS is a comprehensive system composed of a variety of building control subsystems with a central control system as the core, including power supply, air conditioning, lighting, fire fighting, elevator, water supply and drainage, alarm, LED / VGA display, smart card access control management, parking lot management And TV monitoring and other equipment control subsystems.

CAS is the "central nerve" of the building's computer and communication system. It includes a communication network with program-controlled switches as the core, multi-function phones, faxes, and various terminals as the main equipment, as well as backbone communications in the building's LAN, workstations, and high-speed broadband Network and network interface equipment interconnected with the communication public network.

OAS is mainly composed of various office equipment such as computers, multi-function phones, fax machines, various terminals and audio-visual storage devices, plus corresponding software, providing word processing, document management, electronic accounting, e-mail, electronic Data exchange, electronic blackboard, conference TV and other office application functions.

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