Ou Pai Waltz smart wardrobe atmosphere and fashion

[ China Wardrobe ] In 2013, the European-style wardrobe products increased the investment in scientific and technological content, and launched the European-style Waltz series of smart wardrobes. No matter which corner of the space they belong to, as long as there is no special barrier, they can pass through the long distance. The remote control opens and closes the door, allowing the user to truly feel the comfort and convenience of the "humanized" and "smart" products.

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Wardrobe evaluation

Beige Shine piano painted door with 3d double shadow effect glass waist line design, atmospheric and stylish. The smart device can open the cabinet door in three ways: light pull, touch and remote control.

Intelligent electric system

European style wardrobe

The intelligent electric system device opens and closes the door by light pulling, touching and remote control, and is smarter, more fashionable and more user-friendly. It is also possible to open and close the door remotely through the remote control.

3d double shadow effect waist line

Smart wardrobe

Beige piano lacquered cabinet door with 3d double shadow effect glass waistline, stylish atmosphere

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