How to effectively reduce the failure rate of constant temperature and humidity test chamber

After buying back an expensive test equipment, we definitely don't want it to have a small problem, which not only affects the test, but also makes a big discount to the manufacturer. Of course, as a manufacturer, we don't want customers to use the test box. When the equipment fails, but when the equipment is running for a certain period of time, the test box will inevitably have various failure phenomena. Today, the small series is mainly for you to solve the constant temperature and humidity test chamber:

The inspection and elimination of general circuit faults in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is an important part of the test. How can we quickly and accurately find faults from a large number of components and circuits of a complete circuit, which requires us to master the basic principles of circuit faults. And correct troubleshooting and troubleshooting methods.

The faults in the experiment are mainly divided into the constant temperature and humidity test chamber's own fault and human operation fault. The fault itself is not working properly if the basic conditions of the device are used and the operation is correct. A human operation failure means that the device itself is not faulty but the instrument enters a self-protection state or some functions fail due to incorrect operation. The precision of modern instruments is getting higher and higher, and the operational requirements are becoming more and more strict. Most of the faults are caused by incorrect use methods, and the fault phenomenon is more complicated and more difficult to overhaul. Therefore, we must be required to master the correct operation process of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber to reduce the occurrence of malfunctions.

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber should be regularly maintained, the condenser of the refrigeration system should be cleaned regularly, the moving parts should be lubricated according to the instructions, the electrical control system should be regularly maintained and checked, etc. These tasks are indispensable.



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