Aligning the large wind surface with the hot oil flue gas column when slanting

When the inclined wind is pumped, the large wind surface is aligned with the hot oil flue gas flow column, and the cold normal temperature air and the hot oil and gas and the soot are mixed. Oil and gas, oil fume have no adhesion to the body in hot air and emulsion fog. Experiments have shown that after half a year of use, a small amount of saturated fatty acid oil is attached to the wall (<50 grams) in the sealed main air chamber. Discussion of quality inspection The only test indicator for the top suction range hood is the air volume. According to the relevant standards, the range hood is erected laterally, and the air duct is aligned with the test screen to measure the working air volume, and the rated value is qualified. The qualified air volume is 6m. This test condition is not the actual working condition, and only the air and water vapor are exhausted, which cannot truly reflect the quality of the range hood. The amount of air volume is related to the size of the fan inlet and outlet, the structure of the whole machine, etc., and is not determined by leakage and exhaust gas displacement.

The ideal range hood inspection method: in the specified suspension height, indoor conditions, heating conditions, heating time, the difference between the amount of heating oil and the amount of oil extracted and measured is the absolute leakage. It is recommended to use the following two methods to detect: (1) measuring 1.4 ~ 1.5m high, the wind direction on the front side along a few points and wind (one-way cross-sectional flow), can sample 5 ~ 10 points. Make a breathing wind and wind direction diagram, specifying a qualified direction value and a rated air volume. (2) Applying detectable gas (timing, quantitative) to the cooktop and opening the range hood to detect the residual concentration of the detected gas in the specified indoor conditions, pumping time, and sampling position. For the detection of wind and wind direction, a hot ball type precision digital breeze measuring instrument can be used with an accuracy of 0.1 m/s. The detection gas can be selected from ethylene and sulfur hexafluoride. Gas leakage can be detected by gas chromatograph.

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