Winter outdoor sports, you also need these equipment

Winter outdoor activities are more dangerous than other seasons, so more professional equipment is needed as a guarantee. Friends who like winter outdoors must pay attention to safety and safety first. Only then can we experience the real fun of outdoor. What additional equipment is required for outdoor activities in winter in addition to conventional equipment?

Small crampons, this is the most indispensable equipment for outdoor hiking in winter. This gadget has solved the big problem. He can save your physical energy during the process of climbing and not because the foot slips and the station is unstable.

The double-layer insulated water bottle and the special outdoor insulated water bottle in winter are made by the principle of stainless steel welding technology and vacuum insulation air heat transfer. Imagine drinking a hot cup of coffee or fruit in the cold outdoors, which will definitely bring a lot of power.

Hat, don't misunderstand the hat of the jacket here. In winter outdoor activities, if people do not quickly discharge after sweating, it is easy to lose temperature or frostbite due to the accumulation of sweat. If the hat with a jacket is used, it will be detrimental to perspiration. Therefore, a ski hat with a jacquard or fleece is the best choice.

Ski goggles are not only necessary to be worn during skiing activities, but also necessary for crossing activities. In the wilderness of winter, there are often times when there is a blizzard. There was no ski goggles at the time, and you couldn't even open your eyes. How can you see the route and fight the blizzard?

The leg cover, also called the snow cover. It is specially equipped to prevent snow from pouring into hiking shoes when the snow is too deep. With the protection of the snow cover and a pair of waterproof hiking shoes, you can make the snow no different. Of course, the snow cover is best made by choosing waterproof and breathable fabric. This will not cause the leg cover to be frozen into a hail because it is not breathable. This year's Wang Swan crossing, I have a deep understanding.

Hail, generally snowy slopes of snow-capped mountains, will use hail, mainly used for brake slip and fixed use.

A cane, or a pole, is used to support the body, which can save energy and balance.

Furnace cookware, the method of use is not much different from other seasons. But two things are very different. First, it is best to use an oil furnace because the gas tank is not fully vaporized or even burnt in a cold environment. Second, even if a gas furnace is used, it is preferable to use a high-pressure alpine tank.

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