Square and round curl analysis of closed steel drum

Square and round curl analysis of closed steel drum

Ma Jianxiang

At present, there are two main types of 200-liter closed steel barrels produced in China, one is square (rectangular) and the other is round. From the perspective of more than a dozen steel drum production enterprises in Xinjiang, it is also a square and a circular coexistence at the same time. What is the performance of the square and round rolled steel drums? What is the difference? From the inspection of steel drums for many years, in steel drums Three physical property tests: two in the airtight test, the hydrostatic test, and the drop test, that is, the airtight and hydrostatic test is less likely to leak than the square curling barrel or the round curling barrel. There does not seem to be much difference between the two. However, in the drop test, the difference between the two types of barrels is very large, and the probability of cracking and leakage of the square curling barrel is large. What is the reason? The following is from the crimping type. Do some analysis.

We know that when a material deforms, it will generate internal stress, and stress concentration will occur at the deformed part. When the material deforms beyond its yield limit, the material may be fissured.

When the round bead is machined, the stress generated by the material deformation is evenly distributed over the entire bead, so that the generated stress is not concentrated at a certain point, and when the bead is machined, the stress generated by the material deformation will gather. Concentrated stress is formed on the curled ridge.

When the bucket containing the liquid falls from a certain height, especially when the bucket falls at an oblique angle of 45° to the ground, the square curling bucket is just the first landing. Due to the impact of the fall, the force applied to the bucket will be deformed. On the raft, due to the large internal stress, the impact force may cause more stress, which exceeds the allowable stress of the material, and the result may cut the plate; or even if the plate is not cut, the two forces Under the action, the curling will be greatly deformed, and the wound layer may be pulled apart to cause leakage. The round curling bucket can distribute the external impact force evenly on the circumference when subjected to external impact. The probability of exceeding the limit allowable force is small, the curling deformation is relatively small, and the rolled layer can be well maintained. The original compact form, so the curling edge is not easy to crack and open.

From the fact that we have been inspecting and inspecting most steel drum factories in Xinjiang over the years, when the drop test is carried out, the barrels filled with liquids are better than the side curling barrels when they fall from the height of 1.2m according to the national standard. That is to say, steel drum manufacturers often say that the round roll barrel has a large insurance factor. Therefore, from the actual situation of the circulation loading and unloading process, after the liquid is filled, the round curling barrel has good impact resistance and can adapt to the violent operation, and the adaptability of the side curling barrel is not as good as that of the round side barrel.

Of course, from the production point of view, the manufacture of the round curling bucket has higher requirements for the chamfering of the burring wheel, and the burring wheel is a wearable part. When the burring wheel is made, the operation technique is prone to problems, and sometimes it is difficult to grasp, so There are also many production plants that have been using square curls instead of rounding.

Square curl

Round curl

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