The retro flavor of Dr Pepper's soft drink packaging design (1)

In Dr Pepper's soft drink packaging, its cherry vanilla, Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper beverage cans have a retro feel that can easily be remembered by those who love soft drinks since the 1950s.

:Dr Pepper legend is the favorite beverage of the former First Lady of the United States Heralei. Dr Pepper was made in 1885 by a cooler clerk in Waco, Texas. Dr Pepper produces a unique and delicious beverage, mainly a mixture of fruit juices. Dr Pepper received strong customer loyalty, although it is said that a consumer must try Dr Pepper for many times to get used to its taste. The beverage recipe allows the bottler to add a bit less sugar than the main brand.

Dr Pepper introduced cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper soft drinks in its core market. The retro feel of the new beverage cans is easily recalled by those who like soft drinks since the 1950s. Promotional measures in 26 major markets are distributed by hundreds of motel attendants wearing roller skates to passing customers. “As with cherry vanilla flavor Dr. Pepper, these waiters remind people of the simple fun of the old-fashioned soda pop. Andrew Springate, vice president of marketing at Dr. Pepper, said, “We think from these cars. It is a very interesting method for hotel clerk to send drinks to our customers. ”

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