The requirements of printing accessories when using UV ink

Many UV ink suppliers will recommend a standard, such as rubber blankets with nitrated or nitrated materials can be used with oil, UV ink or varnish. The natural rubber and polymerized ethane materials are not suitable for UV inks and varnishes.

The EPDM blanket is suitable for UV inks and varnishes, but not for general oil-based inks. EPDM blankets cannot use petroleum-refined lotions. Special lotions should be purchased. It is also the principle to choose the ink roller of the printing machine. You can't often change the UV ink and the general oily ink. If you need to change, you must remove all residual chemicals.

The UV lamp and intensity are sufficient to completely dry the UV ink or varnish of the printed matter, which must be determined according to the printing speed, ink film thickness and ink color. The installation of UV lamps must consider the type of printing machine and the finished product and install suitable UV lamps.

BASF uses suitable "medium pressure mercury lamps for industrial use" or "microwave H bulbs" in the design of UV inks and varnishes. If the first monochrome is cyan, the thickness of the printing ink film (1.20-1.40gm2) at a speed of 100 meters / minute, two 120Wcm medium pressure mercury bulbs should be used. If the darker colors with high color density are printed on one or two overlapping colors, it will increase the difficulty of overall drying. This is caused by the rapid absorption of UV light by dark ink. Generally, the difficulty of drying four-color UV inks is magenta, yellow, cyan, and black. Therefore, the order of UV color printing should be black, cyan, yellow, magenta. The opaque color is also very difficult, it reflects all UV light back. Metallic, gold, and silver have the same problem.

Lamps that are too old cannot dry UV ink or varnish and cause printing difficulties. The UV lamp must be replaced after 1000 hours of use. If you feel that the printed matter cannot be dried at normal printing speed, you must consider replacing the UV bulb to avoid affecting the printing operation.

Without the reflector installed, about 80% of the UV light will not affect the printed matter due to diffusion, so the UV lamp must be installed to reflect the lamp cover to focus on the printed matter.

The reflector must be clean and maintained in time to maintain its best function. Some paper dust or powder spray dust attached to the reflector will affect the reflection effect of the UV lamp. When the UV lamp is not used, the UV lamp cover should be closed.

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