Mine emergency system solution (webcast)

Customer requirements:

Due to its geographical conditions, our province is rich in mineral resources. There are more than 300 various mining areas distributed throughout the province, such as gold mines and coal mines. Under the guidance of governments at all levels, the mining area provides guarantee for national energy security. At the same time, security issues have always been the most important issues in the mining area. In order to ensure the safety of personnel and production safety in the mining area, it is planned to construct a mine emergency network broadcasting system in the mining area, which can meet the broadcasting needs of the mining area. Taking a coal mine as an example, a broadcasting system is designed.
A coal mine has 5 underground mines, and each mine has 6 working faces, each of which has a length of 200 meters. The broadcast system is required to be installed. The functional requirements are as follows:
(1) In an emergency, the main control room can call each operation plane of each mine through this broadcasting system, that is, point-to-point broadcasting, and can get the staff's response through this broadcasting system.
(2) In an emergency, the staff on any work surface can call the main control room via a remote network call terminal, and also call the main control room to let the local hear the emergency call content.
(3) While the main control room calls the work planes, each work plane will provide a 220V power supply, driving the local red warning light to blink, to prevent the personnel from being unable to hear the alarm due to excessive noise on the work surface.
(4) The working environment of underground mines is harsh, with high humidity and corrosive moisture. It is required to fully consider moisture and acid resistance when selecting equipment.
(5) Every day when commuting to work, it automatically broadcasts programs such as ring tones and news to all jobs.
(6) The internal network optical fiber of the mine has been laid in every work area. This system requires transmission through the network, and requires clear and unobstructed voice transmission.
demand analysis:

According to the actual situation on the site, it can be understood that the terminal is far away from the main control room, and the distribution of broadcast terminals is distributed. Therefore, the system is implemented by a network broadcast system, and the unified digital network broadcast mode using IP LAN as a data transmission platform solves the problem of transmission distance. At the same time, it reduces the laying of cables, which greatly reduces the cost of cables and construction costs.
This broadcast can not only realize fixed-point broadcasting, but also free group broadcasting. At the same time, the called party must respond when calling. When the branch needs to report the situation, it should paging the main control room with one click. In order to improve the response speed and notify you in time, we are asking for paging. Through the keyboard, one-click connection. The system is designed to install a Jinmai Video GM8702 digital network on-demand terminal in each job. , Each on-demand terminal can call the main control room with one key through the network strength. The intercom function is easily realized.
The main control system is composed of Jinmai Video Multimedia main control computer, IP control software, automatic broadcast software, call intercom center, network monitoring speaker, which mainly realizes the functions of emergency call intercom and fixed-point broadcast, and realizes the automatic broadcast of music ringtone , Background music, etc.
The length of each working surface is: 200 meters.Considering that the underground environment is particularly humid and the corrosive environment is serious, we need to choose a treble horn horn. only.
The power of each job area is: 240W, and one 360W amplifier is required.
There are five mines in the mining area. A total of 30 work areas. The configuration is the same as the design of the first work area.
Considering that the underground environment is very bad, when we consider placing equipment, we should first focus on moisture protection. In this regard, we order special cabinets, put the power amplifier equipment in this cabinet, and fill the cabinet with desiccant to achieve the purpose of preventing moisture.
In each job area, install a warning light. The power of the warning light is controlled by the network terminal. When there is a broadcast, the warning light will also flash to achieve the purpose of warning.

Main functions of the system:

Emergency intercom broadcasting: Remotely speaking and calling intercom in the main control room, leading office, and working planes under the mine.
Broadcast radio stations regularly or broadcast programs in the broadcast host.
The broadcasting system realizes the volume adjustment of the sub-control point to the broadcasting point; the monitoring of any broadcasting point by the broadcasting center; the system has the ability to recover under the condition of power failure and network disconnection.
The linkage of emergency broadcasts and warning lights is not only audible. It must also be visible to people so that they can be fully informed.
Equipped with rich audio program sources: CD players, decks, tuners and other playback devices are connected to broadcast in real time to the system.

Equipment List:
Main control room equipment
Webcast master control software
Network broadcast control system
8 channel mixer
Conference microphone
Professional Conference Mike
Monitor terminal
Network monitor speakers
AM / FM tuner
Remote call station
Network intercom function
Work plane equipment
Network broadcast terminal
Network front terminal. Linkage with police lights
Network call terminal
One-key call to the main control room and any intercom in the main control room
Combined power amplifier
Power horn
High power. Strong pointing. Waterproof and anticorrosive
Police lights
Incoming call flashes automatically, can be used in large noise or explosion-proof areas
Engineering equipment
Work platform cabinet customization, anti-corrosion, anti-moisture. Anti-vibration
1.6m professional broadcasting cabinet, dedicated for main control room
Main line optical network, branch line audio line
Scheme topology diagram:
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