Shanghai Wanli Test Water RMB Equity Investment Fund has a total scale of 500 million (VC 265)

Zhou Keren, executive director and general manager of Shanghai Wanli Equity Investment Management Company, a private equity investment fund management company with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as the background, said the company is preparing a pure RMB equity investment fund with a total scale of 500 million yuan The first phase of 200 million yuan will be in place in July.

This is the first time Shanghai Wanli has tested the RMB fund business. All along, Shanghai Wanli's investment in China has been dominated by direct investment in US dollars. The investment scope covers the fields of environmental protection and new energy, modern manufacturing, advanced agriculture, modern service industry, consumer goods and other fields.

In recent years, China ’s relaxed fundraising environment, rich investment opportunities, and increasingly mature exit mechanisms have spurred the upsurge of foreign institutions to participate in RMB funds. Since 2009, Carlyle Group, Blackstone Group, Lyon Securities, Defengjie and other international investment giants have proposed plans to set up RMB funds.

"For us, compared with the introduction of overseas funds, raising RMB funds directly in the Chinese market and investing in the domestic market has become a more convenient investment option." Zhou Keren said that 30% of the company's newly established RMB funds come from Government guidance funds, 70% of the funds come from institutional investors and individual investors. The fund mainly focuses on investments in the new energy field, such as wind energy, solar energy, biomass power generation, lithium batteries and other projects. The overall investment idea of ​​the fund should conform to the long-term strategy of China's industrial development, and timely grasp the good investment opportunities arising from policy adjustments.

Zhou Keren revealed that after the first phase of 200 million yuan of funds is in place, the fund will soon be able to carry out investment operations. It is expected that 100 million yuan of funds will be invested in 2010.

He also introduced that the company's newly established RMB fund and the US dollar funds of the original direct investment business have slightly different investment strategies. The original US dollar funds are more inclined to investment in mature industries in the direction of investment, such as large-scale projects such as water supply, sewage treatment, power and infrastructure construction, real estate, etc., the single investment scale is not less than 10 million US dollars; and the newly established The RMB fund will effectively take into account the investment of small and medium-sized enterprise projects, with a single investment scale not less than RMB 30 million.

As of now, Shanghai Wanli has completed 3 investment projects in China, a rubber asphalt material company has been listed on the British PLUS market, a gold mining company has been listed on the Toronto market, and a logistics industry company has not yet been listed.

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