Jingge Technology Digital Automotive Training Center Solution

Digital Automobile Training Center

In recent years, the state has attached great importance to the development of vocational education, and the scale of vocational education has continued to expand, which has played an active role in improving China ’s vocational education structure and serving the economy and society. But at the same time, the current conditions of running schools and the supply of teaching equipment in vocational colleges in China are not so satisfactory, the number of "double-qualified" professional teachers is insufficient, the quality assurance system is not perfect, and the reform of schooling mechanisms and teaching methods needs to be broken. Seriously restricts the rapid development of vocational education.

Jingge Digital Auto Maintenance Training Center is a kind of auto maintenance practice that integrates resources and fully utilizes resources for the "integrated theory and training closely combined teaching model" and the college construction of "National Demonstration Vocational Education College". Training program. The "Decision of the State Council on Vigorously Promoting the Reform and Development of Vocational Education" clearly states that it is necessary to "strengthen practical teaching, cultivate students' practical ability, professional skills, professionalism and rigorous and realistic style." The plan responds to the policy call of the State Council and conforms to the requirements of the Ministry of Education for vocational education in vehicle maintenance, which will help colleges to build new technology, full-function and high-efficiency vehicle maintenance training faster and better.

To this end, strengthening the equipment construction of the training center and ensuring the time for practical teaching are the prerequisites and important guarantees for meeting the students' training goals. How to make students master solid professional skills? In addition to the necessary theoretical basis, practical training is quite critical to the training of such talents. Establishing a perfect high-quality training center that can meet the needs of talent training can better cultivate students' practical operation and hands-on ability, so that students can become professionals with real skills and value that can create value for themselves and society. Therefore, in terms of training teaching efficiency, technological advancement, resource utilization, economic investment, energy saving and environmental protection, in line with the development direction of the vocational education and vocational teaching philosophy of the country, in response to the national call for "energy saving and emission reduction", the whole teaching process Digital teaching methods make full use of the school's teaching resources, and teachers' teaching efficiency will be more effective, and will surely become the school's excellent teaching resources. The teaching plan of Jingge Digital Auto Maintenance Training Center is very effective and feasible, and is necessary to vigorously promote the reform and development of vocational education.


Functions of digital automobile training center: understanding of automobile (engine, chassis, electrical, etc.) assembly and component structure; practice of automobile assembly simulation disassembly and simulation fault diagnosis; practical operation of automobile assembly and disassembly, maintenance diagnosis; automobile related The application of data and materials; the organization of automotive professional teaching; the assessment of automotive practical teaching.

Automobile professional ability training: Basically possess the ability to train through the modular training room: automobile theory, professional knowledge; skills of disassembly, inspection and repair of automobile assemblies and components; operation and use of automobile maintenance tools, measuring tools and maintenance testing and diagnostic equipment Skills; common car troubleshooting skills; automotive electrical wiring and troubleshooting skills; automotive data query and use capabilities; automotive professional teaching organization capabilities.

Program content

The digital automobile maintenance training center is composed of a modular training system, including courseware module, simulation training module, training course instruction module, database module, management module, online network training module, and training equipment module.

● The courseware module establishes corresponding courseware based on the school ’s existing resources, school characteristics, and teaching philosophy.

● The simulation training teaching module is equipped with simulation teaching software and training equipment according to the school plan and the regional mainstream car system.

● The instruction module of the practical training course is the operation video, which is produced according to the principle of practical training and productive operation according to the actual production scene.

● The practical training data module includes various car teaching materials, car maintenance data and data, experience courseware, special courses, school-owned materials, etc.

● The management module designs the system management module according to the school characteristics and teaching management needs, including teachers, students, equipment, assessment, system management, training management and comprehensive quality evaluation.

● Online network training module realizes online training by combining software and hardware, and students can operate independently.

● The training equipment module refers to the region and school characteristics and configures corresponding car training aids and equipment.

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