When using the centrifuge, the materials should be placed as uniformly as possible

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Daily maintenance Before turning the rotary drum centrifuge, the power should be cut off and the brake of the centrifuge should be released first. Check for looseness and abnormality in other parts. Turn on the power and start driving in a clockwise direction (usually it takes about 40-60 seconds from standstill to normal operation). Generally, each equipment must be run empty for about 3 hours after arriving at the factory, and it can work without abnormal conditions. The materials should be placed as evenly as possible. Must be operated by dedicated personnel, and the capacity must not exceed the rated amount. It is strictly forbidden to run the machine at overspeed, so as not to affect the service life of the machine. After the machine is started, if there is any abnormal situation, it must be stopped and checked, and if necessary, it must be disassembled and repaired. The centrifuge operates at a high speed, so you must not touch the drum with your body to prevent accidents. The mesh of the filter cloth should be determined according to the size of the solid phase particles of the separated material, otherwise it will affect the separation effect. In addition, when installing the filter cloth, the filter cloth sealing ring should be embedded in the drum sealing groove to prevent materials from running into it. In order to ensure the normal operation of the centrifuge, please refuel and maintain the rotating parts every 6 months. At the same time, check the running lubrication at the bearing for wear and tear; if the parts in the brake device are worn, replace them seriously; if there is any oil leakage in the bearing cover. After the machine is used, it should be cleaned to keep the machine tidy. Do not separate non-corrosion-proof centrifuges from highly corrosive materials; in addition, strictly follow equipment requirements and regulations. Non-explosion-proof centrifuges must not be used in flammable or explosive situations.

The "surge" phenomenon often occurs in centrifuges of refrigeration centrifugal units. The principle of the refrigeration centrifugal compressor is to compress a large molecular weight refrigerant into a small space by high-speed movement, and then condense by lowering the temperature. The energy adjustment method of the centrifugal chiller is to adjust the compression ratio by adjusting the angle of the high-speed rotating guide vane. When the cooling supply decreases, the work done by the guide vane decreases, and the pressure of the compressed gas is similar to the pressure of the gas drawn into the compressor, resulting in The gas backflow produces mechanical forced vibration. (Also called "surge") Surge can cause damage to mechanical components. The development of centrifuges Centrifuges are instruments used to separate samples. They are widely used in the fields of biomedicine, petrochemicals, agriculture, food hygiene, etc. It uses the difference in the precipitation speed of different substances in the centrifugal force field to achieve the analytical separation of samples. Since the advent of centrifuges, it has undergone changes in low speed, adjustment, and overspeed. Its progress is mainly reflected in two aspects of centrifugal equipment and centrifugal technology, which complement each other. From the perspective of speed, tabletop centrifuges basically belong to the category of low-speed and high-speed centrifuges, so they have the technical characteristics of low-speed and high-speed centrifuges. Their structure is mainly composed of motor drive system, refrigeration system, mechanical system, rotor and system control. The composition is only a little smaller in size and capacity than the floor-standing centrifuge. The development of universal desktop centrifuges has blurred the boundaries of low-speed, high-speed, micro- and large-capacity centrifuges. Many rotors provide a wide range of applications for scientific researchers and become the preferred model for scientific research laboratories.
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