A niche market with unlimited potential for packaging proofing


When business As printers struggle to cope with shrinking orders, shocks from electronics, price pressures, and stagnant economic conditions, many printers see packaging printing as a hope for future growth. But in our opinion, packaging printing is not suitable for all printers.

Feasibility of packaging proofing
Packaging printing has always been the main business of large-format and not only offset printing , large-format printing machines can print thick cardboard, and can also be flat die-cut. Brands need packaging that appeals to consumers and drives sales of goods. In order to achieve the best results, the brand needs to carry out packaging proofing, and before the real delivery of high-volume printed products and die-cut products, make enough packaging on the shelves to test the consumer response. Brands will also consider designing multiple different packages before actual production.
Packaging printers have found that package proofing can make up for the lack of productivity of large format high-speed presses. Packaging proofing can also be an important business for printers with wide format printers and platform printers. Obviously, these devices are not suitable for long-run packaging printing, but they can produce packaging samples quickly and efficiently, and have high color loyalty.

Alternatively a digital printing machine
Digital presses such as HP Indigo, Xeikon and EFI Jetrion can be used for packaging proofing. These devices can print small orders and are highly loyal in color and size, which is very attractive to brand owners because brands often need to compare different designs and color combinations before actual production. Even if the starting point for the purchase of digital presses is to complement the production capacity of offset presses, it is now possible to find new business opportunities in the packaging sector.
The file editing function is also very important for brand owners. In addition, the ability to print metal effects on aluminized materials is also critical. New products on the market, such as Color-Logic's metal color processing software, can be used in packaging and printing production, as well as in packaging proofing.

Postpress equipment selection
Die cutting is a key process to consider for short package printing and packaging proofing. Laser die-cutting equipment from Spartanics and Delta is the best solution for the short-run and fast-turnaround markets. It can be processed directly using digital files, not only in a flexible production mode, but also in the transition between jobs. Zund's die-cutting equipment is also very suitable for the packaging proofing market. For many commercial printers who use packaging proofing as a sideline, the cost of these materials may be higher. In this case, it is best to cooperate with the local labeling company. Leverage its experience in die cutting vinyl materials.

marketing strategy
Short-run packaging and packaging proofing require a completely different sales strategy. The sales cycle can be very long, and feedback on customer needs requires more communication between the two parties, which is more than the services provided by traditional print sales. Sales in the packaging sector are usually carried out by formal employees or even senior management, and brands are usually not among the customers of the print sales staff. The involvement in the packaging market needs to work with graphic designers, advertisers, and brand marketing departments.

The packaging market opens up new opportunities
Short-running live printing of package proofing and product testing seems to be worth the candle. But in the long run, after the packaging products are launched, customers will then need promotional materials, logos, store promotions and more to drive new product sales. A step-by-step, step-by-step implementation of a new project is a worthwhile investment for any printing company.

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