【Material selection knowledge】 What is the price of all-steel antistatic floor

Nowadays, the flooring industry can be said to be chaotic, and there are many brands. With the development of science and technology, the flooring industry is also full of flowers, and the types of flooring are also dazzling. In addition to the most common solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, and laminate flooring, there are many types of flooring, for example, we will introduce to you below- all steel antistatic flooring . How does the price of all-steel anti-static floor compare to other floors? Let's take a look below.

Brief introduction of all-steel antistatic floor

All-steel anti-static raised floors are made of high-quality alloy cold-rolled steel plates, which are formed by spot welding after stretching. The outer surface is treated with electrostatic spraying after phosphating. The inner cavity is filled with 425 # standard pure cement. The upper surface is pasted with high wear-resistant and fire-resistant high-pressure laminate (HPL) or (PVC) board (no veneer is bare board). Sidebar. Anti-static ceramic tiles can also be pasted on the surface to make anti-static ceramic-metal composite raised floors.

All-steel anti-static raised floors are suitable for large and medium-sized computer rooms, communication center rooms represented by switches, various electrical control rooms, post and telecommunications hubs, and computer-controlled military, economic, national security, aviation, aerospace and traffic command Dispatch and information management center and other links.

Introduction and function of all-steel antistatic floor

All-steel anti-static floor is a raised floor, which is composed of floor, beam, and support. It is mainly made of high-quality alloy cold-rolled steel plate and is welded after stretching. A wiring box is usually equipped on the floor, which can be used as a plug-in board or other cable outlets for various places in the home that need electricity.

All-steel antistatic flooring has many advantages over general flooring. The raw materials used in it all have antistatic properties, so that the various performances of the flooring system are more stable. Strong bearing capacity, good impact resistance, good interchangeability, flexible assembly, surface material anti-static, waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion, etc. The all-steel anti-static floor is generally used in large and medium-sized computer rooms and various electrical control rooms.

Product role

The all-steel anti-static floor can prevent the damage of electronic components, and has the function of preventing fire or explosion when operating flammable gases and liquids. Once the static electricity is not controlled, it may cause a series of losses, especially in the semiconductor and electronic product industry, causing product damage, equipment failure, loss of man-hours and product repair, so it is urgent to solve the problem of static electricity.

All-steel anti-static floor features

1. All steel structure, high connection strength, strong bearing capacity, good impact resistance;

2. All raw materials have high-quality anti-static properties, so that the performance of the floor system is stable and reliable;

3. The surface paste material is antistatic, wear-resistant, waterproof, fireproof, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant;

4. High dimensional accuracy, good interchangeability, flexible assembly, convenient and long service life.

All-steel anti-static raised floors can be divided into two types: edge type and edgeless type according to the presence or absence of black conductive adhesive strips, and the edgeless type can be refined. According to whether it can reach the corresponding national standards, it can be divided into non-standard type and national standard type.

The main structural forms of all-steel anti-static raised floors are: there are PVC conductive black strips on all sides; there are no PVC conductive black strips on all sides; there are no black PVC strips, and the black strips are printed around the HPL veneer. The floor is similar; the four sides of the floor are inlaid with a new type F edge strip between the veneer and the steel plate.

All steel anti-static floor installation

1. Marking the reference line: The position of the horizontal and vertical reference lines should be determined according to the room size and equipment layout, etc .; the elevation control line should be elevated according to the design plan around the inner wall.

2. Mounting brackets: The pillars should be installed starting from the intersection of the baseline, and then the adjacent pillars should be connected with beams to form a pillar grid. The beam frame should be basically level.

3. Installation of diagonal braces: Some or all of the pillars should be installed with diagonal braces according to actual needs.

4. Connect as required.

5. The laying of all-steel anti-static floor should be carried out in the following order: laying the reference plate: start laying the reference line with the standard plate at the determined reference line, its height should be consistent with the elevation control line, level it with a level, and tighten Bracket, lock nut. Laying regular boards: The reference boards should be used as the center and spread to the surrounding areas. During the laying process, the height of the bracket should be adjusted with a level while laying, so that the adjacent board surfaces are kept level, and the bracket lock nut should be tightened block by block. Laying special-shaped boards: When the size of the room edge is less than one standard board, special-shaped boards should be used for laying. The special-shaped board is made by cutting the standard board according to the actual size of the edge of the room. The laying of special-shaped boards should be carried out after the standard book is laid. After the floor and beam are cut, the burrs at the cut must be removed.

6. After the laying of the all-steel antistatic floor is completed, it should be tested. The gap between the plates should be straight and tidy, and the horizontal misalignment of the gap within 2m should not be greater than 2mm; the movable floor blocks should be freely accessible with a suction cup; there should be no sound or sliding when people walk on the floor. If it fails to meet the requirements, it must be adjusted by changing the floor or adjusting the height of the bracket.

7. After the installation of all-steel anti-static floor is completed, install skirting boards (both wood and stone) around the room according to the design requirements. The skirting board installation should be firm, straight, and the horizontal error should not be greater than 3mm within 5m.

The price of all steel antistatic floor

Note: The above prices are for reference only.

Editor's summary: Relevant information about the price of all-steel anti-static flooring is generally introduced here for everyone, I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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