What is the difference between small slewing and large slewing

"What is a small slewing, big slam? 』

Small slewing, ie, turning, is a small radius turn around the fall line. Its basic technical principle is the same as the parallel turning, except that it has a smaller angle with the roll-off line and more frequent turns. As the shortest slide distance in alpine skiing competitions, there are a large number of flags in the revolving competition and they are closely arranged, flexible and flexible. The red and blue flags are staggered, and there are generally vertical flag doors (two flagpoles The line direction is parallel) and the horizontal flag gate (two flagpole lines are perpendicular to the line direction). In the game, players need to use the shortest route across the flag, and need to kneel gliding, as far as possible on the edge of the flag.

The Grand Slam competition venue is usually multi-sloped and wavy, with a gradient of 33-45%. The taxiing distance is shorter than the super-large revolution, but there are more flag doors and more rapid turning. The big slalom is suitable for high speeds and steep slopes. The basic principle is the same as that of parallel skiing, but the upper body's ability to turn over is added. Because the tilt of the body can reduce the centrifugal force, keep turning at high speed.

"Action Skills"

☆ Rotary Tips

â–¶ Quickly bend your knees, engrave the snow with two snow blades, and focus on the outer panel.

â–¶ The body moves slowly upwards and the colleague prepares for a stick.

â–¶ Relax your legs so that the skis are even.

â–¶ Lift up the inner panel and let the outer panel bear the weight of the body. The heel forcefully turns the outer panel and the inner panel is parallel to the outer panel.

â–¶ The upper body is facing the roll-off line and the hips are facing the mountain.

☆ Big turning skills

â–¶ Prepare the next turn before the previous turn finishes. Straighten the lateral leg and gently lift the medial plate. The outer plate bears weight.

â–¶ When the last bend is about to finish, start the staff and gently relax the legs and bend your knees.

â–¶ Knees can reduce the vertical edge of the snowboard and begin to move the legs and body toward the bottom.

â–¶ When the snowboard is almost parallel to the snow surface, place the body directly under the mountain, with the center of gravity between the feet.

â–¶ Prepare for a turn. The inner plate of the double snowboard begins to form an edge, and the vertical rake angle supports the ground with only the thumb of the foot. Legs follow the force of the edged blade and swing toward the center of the circle.

â–¶ Relax the bearing on the inner side plate, continue to increase the vertical edge of the outer side plate, and follow your body to the floor with the inner arm facing forward.

â–¶ Twist the outer heel to complete the turn and prepare for the next turn.

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