80, 90 after the homemade toys, everyone's childhood memories!

[Chinese and foreign toys network news] When I am worried about things, I always think of the happy time of childhood, think of small partners, simple toys, but the longer I leave my hometown, the more lonely I am, the more I grow up. The toys that have been played in those years have long since disappeared, but the memory has never been forgotten. Let’s follow the classic toys of the Chinese and foreign toy nets to see how much you remember.

Gyro , nowadays children are playing with plastic and alloy gyro toys, and when we were young, we didn’t have the conditions to make a piece of wood, make a gyro with a knife and a knife, and play against the little friends.
Wooden carts, no toy cars , we make a wheelbarrow, use a pulley, put on a few wooden sticks, you can play very high.
When I was young, I liked to watch the Hong Kong version of the martial arts costume drama, "Dragon", "The Eagle", etc. The boys all like this sword, hoping to make a sword like a hero, because of interest, let us do it ourselves. , made a sword to grab the toy.

Paper guns, this favorite to use textbooks to fold, class sneaking and doing, the next three or five friends to team up. However, these do not know who taught us.

Rolling hoops may be considered as toys on the tall, helping to improve balance, coordination of the limbs and eyesight, allowing us to enjoy the sport and have a worry-free childhood.
Slingshot, it is magical to hit the bird, cut the wooden stick and find the elastic rope. See who plays high and plays far.
At that time, we were poor and happy. We never felt that we lacked toys. Everyone lived in a simple way and developed a bunch of friendly and supportive partners. Now they are still precious memories of the 80s and 90s.
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