Shanghai Lin frequency analysis Xenon lamp aging test box adjustment system

In order to maintain the black mark or blackboard temperature of the test box specified in the standard, the dust-proof air should be circulated in the box, and the humidity and temperature are controlled. The temperature and relative humidity of the air in the aging test chamber of the xenon lamp are controlled by temperature and humidity sensors, and the sensor is not directly connected to the radiation intensity. The relative humidity adjustment water must be distilled water or demineralized water specified in the standard.

Note: When the test chamber is continuously supplied with fresh air, the operating conditions of the equipment may be different. For example, summer and winter are different because the summer air humidity is generally higher than the winter air humidity, which will affect the test results. The flow of air in a tightly closed pipe can improve the reproducibility of the results. Therefore, the current aging test box for xenon lamps will be equipped with a blower motor. The wind circulation will ensure the uniformity of each point of the box. Secondly, a small amount of air can be exchanged to achieve the most ideal test environment. The most realistic test results. Read more: Xenon lamp aging test chamber

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