On the Advertising of Visual Expression Design of Sales Packaging

The advertising performance of the visual packaging of the sales package refers to the active and positive visual expression of the product packaging through the purposeful design, that is, the active promotion of the packaging. With the development of the market economy, competition has made the commodity market a “battlefield without smoke”. How to create the advantages of competition and development has become an urgent issue faced by enterprises. All companies are seeking effective ways: on the one hand, they focus on improving the quality of products and on promoting the promotion of the media; on the other hand, through research on market strategies, they gain market share in the product market and win favorable competitive advantages in order to obtain greater The economic profit.

We do not deny that the media advertisement's propaganda has a directing effect on the sales of goods. However, because of the visually invisible nature of advertising, the ultimate battlefield of products should occur in the market and on the shelves. As it has the characteristic of face-to-face contact with people, the impact of packaging visual performance on the market shelves is an important factor affecting the sales rate of goods. However, as a business owner, how can he make his product occupy a favorable position in the commodity market and form a greater sales advantage?

If an enterprise wants to occupy a highly efficient market effect, it must pay attention to the performance of the image elements of product sales and packaging, and it will play a decisive role in the implementation of marketing strategies. In the past, the beautification of commodity packaging has always been placed on a subordinate position after practice, and the passive performance of the role has affected and restricted the sales growth of products to a great extent. With the integration of the global economy, new competition mechanisms have been brought about. The goods on the shelves that are sold on the market are increasingly numerous and dazzling, and competition for goods is extremely active. If the company's product packaging does not have visual impact, the product cannot have market competitiveness. Therefore, it is an important measure in the marketing strategy of goods to attach importance to the advertising of the visual performance of the product packaging and to make the packaging form an active expression.

So, how to make sales packaging reflect the visual performance of advertising? We may wish to discuss some strategies from the following aspects.

1. Finding the gaps in the minds of consumers and obtaining accurate positioning of visual advertising performance of packaging.

Successfully visually communicating the design's advertising to sales packaging is not a product of empty theory and the pursuit of pure artistic expression. It's not the result of the designer closing the door. Indeed, packaging design is a visual object expressed by a designer using a unique visual language, but it is also a link between the communication and dissemination of goods and consumers. Therefore, the advertising design of sales packaging visual performance, can not be separated from the target consumer's consumption consciousness, should be their purchasing psychology as the center, to find their hearts in the consumer gap, which is the potential for consumption, in order to obtain accurate sales orientation , make the performance of the design "targeted." For example, middle-aged and elderly women consumers, due to the influence of carefully planned housewives, have formed a basic concept of consumption that is practical, safe, healthy, and affordable, and that they can't shake off their longing for youth in their subconscious minds. The state of mind, as the old saying goes, “old people come to behave” is a description of their love of beauty and yearning for youthfulness. This mentality of motivation is a potential awareness of consumption. Businesses and designers should be good at finding and discovering gaps in the minds of consumers and inspiring their potential for consumption. In the packaging design planning, such awareness is incorporated into the design concept, so that they are satisfied and willing to buy and consume, so that enterprises can obtain a broader consumer market and bring greater economic benefits to the company. Another example is that young consumers, in addition to their curiosity and fashion-conscious outlook on consumption, the vanity mentality of “face view” is also another subtle consumerism mentality that young people can only understand and cannot speak. The planning of visual advertising design for sales packaging should not be neglected. Perhaps it is precisely this subtle consumer subconscious mindset that will have a positive influence on the sales of market products.

Therefore, the accuracy of the advertising positioning of sales packaging design must be based on an in-depth understanding of people's consumption concepts and needs. Of course, not only differences in age and surname, but also differences in religion, occupation, social status, etc. The demonstrated understanding of the concept of consumption. Only in-depth and meticulous investigations can be conducted to find out the "voids" of consumption in their hearts and understand their true needs. Only in this way can they provide accurate evidence for the accurate positioning of advertising and design for visual communication in sales packaging.

two. Advertising performance strategy for visual design of sales packaging

1. Attention strategy

Any designer and merchant desires that their product packaging be watched by consumers, and purchase their products to complete the cycle of their desired product profits. Of course, there is no lack of wishful thinking on the shelves of goods. However, some packages were placed on the shelves but they were swept by people without leaving any impression. What is more, people seem to turn a blind eye, as if they did not exist at all. So, how can packaging attract people's attention? Psychologists believe that when people choose commodities in the commodity market, the procedural law reflected in the mind is "attention-memory (interest)-action". It can be seen from this that attention is placed in the first place, and thus attracting attention is the beginning of the public acceptance of packaging advertising. From the survey of the consumer market, it has received the attention of the public. From this point of view, the first purpose of packaging advertising is to attract people's attention as much as possible.

Paying attention to packaging is an important method of its advertising effect. By embodying powerful information in packaging design, consumers have positive meanings from the initial stage of product cognition and further interest to purchase. Packaging advertising attention strategies can be carried out by means of attentional stimuli, such as differences in size, color stimuli, or styling personality, so that consumers can respond. The difference in size is the emphasis on the proportion of visual elements. When designing, the content of the main appeal of the package can be highlighted or enhanced, resulting in active and active visual expression. By emphasizing the tempting graphics to enhance the effect, the conditions for visual attention are generated, causing a reflection of attention. The performance of color, although it is an inevitable reflection in the packaging performance. However, how will this inevitable color be attractive? The attractiveness of highlighting and playing with color is a point that can never be ignored in forming a unique attraction. That is to say, we must be good at capturing the information points of the main information points, such as the “freshness, deliciousness, naturalness, and health” of food images in food packaging. Of course, the color contrast of area, hue, and brightness will also produce information points for packaging goods, such as the red color of “a little red in a million green plexus”, which causes information attention points. In addition, the individualized appearance of the shelf packaging is also a way of forming attention. Therefore, each element, through the uniqueness of its creative source, has a greater visual impact on the market shelves, not only firmly grasping the attention of consumers, but also laying a good foundation for promoting consumption.

2. The Effect of Memory Value on Memory

Memory enhances the competitiveness of similar products by accumulating impressions; it is a reflection of people's understanding of things that can produce memories. It is the three memory phases that are first noticed by the sense of memory of the current product packaging, and after the reappearance of the package, the recollection of the impression of the packaging in the mind. Through people’s consumer experience, it can be seen that consumers obtain the necessary information about the goods from the package, to the point of purchase, or to a short period of time, if the package can withstand the test of this memory segment. This shows that the planning of visual memory in packaging advertising performance is successful. Therefore, the visual information of goods packaging should not only be clear, but also should be memorable. Through the active and characteristic advertisement of packaged visual design performance, consumers will be able to retain their memories and make a good impression and be ready for another purchase.

Then, how can the packaging form be perceived from the advertisement of the product to the memory in front of the shelf of the product? We can put forward some ideas from the following aspects to find out feasible ways:

(1) The use of sculptural elements in the regular assembly or the influence of chunks

When the styling elements in the packaging design are messy, they will be overwhelmed by consumers before the shelves, which will lead them to give up their cognition of goods, let alone retain their memories. Formal elements of the modeling elements, chunks, is the scattered small, single information through the assembly into a block, resulting in the order of the information chain, increase memory. This is where the designers collectively and voluntarily complete the accumulation of memory using the social experience that the reader has long produced. Specifically speaking, the information of each unit is made up of familiar and regular symbolic languages ​​of graphics, text, and color to form conditions for the memory of consumers and to prepare them for the confidence to buy this product.

(2) Using the effects of visual stimuli

Visual stimuli are the special effects of a certain design element in the color, text, or graphic symbol of the package, such as contrast and specific expression techniques, which give people a strong memory of reflection. This can also be used to enhance and improve the effectiveness of packaging and advertising. a method.

3. Shelf display effect strategy

Shelf is a platform for consumers to link products, and it is also an important place for merchandise packaging to fully display its advertising charm. How does the visual design of the product packaging work, whether it can serve as a good salesman role, and the need for inspection of shelf effects. It can be said that successful brand image cannot ignore the good shelf effect of sales environment.

In a large and colorful racking environment, because the shopper makes visual contact for a short period of time while walking, the designer only seeks to enhance the advertising performance of the visual performance of the package in order to avoid the design being submerged in the vastness of the goods. The danger in the "ocean", so the visual performance of the packaging of the shelf goods, to show the charm of advertising, first of all to achieve the visual image of the adjacent packaging and distinct. The theme must be clear, the performance elements should not be confused, the process of reading guidance must be clear, and its design should have characteristics to maintain the visual impact of the overall typical effect.

4. The Effect Strategy of Sexual Charm

The performance of attractive charm is another manifestation of the effectiveness of packaging advertising. Through the performance of packaging design, goods are given artistic quality. It can be said that there is an artistic emotional color package that will have a more infectious effect, thus forming a better visual appeal. When consumers browse a large number of goods, they often use visual packaging to experience the experience. When the packaging has the appeal of the realm of interest, it will make consumers feel like they are on the ground and obtain a corresponding emotional experience. In particular, the emotional expression of its performance elements, the resulting visual language, is giving people more sincere and sincere feelings. When people are deeply affectionate, they have the desire to purchase and complete purchases.

However, the performance of the attractiveness of packaging advertisements can be divided into the following aspects:

First of all, from the performance of the contents of the package, it can produce an appealing effect. The designer expresses specific emotional trends through the expression of a unified form and color scheme, which constitutes the emotion and interest of the package. For example, the package of “Zhangyu Cabernet Red Wine” designed by Shanghai Meigao Co., Ltd. uses the performance elements of the old Shanghai month card to blend the Chinese historical sense of wine and the quality of the prosperous life in the wine, allowing the consumer experience to blend in. The good qualities created by the "legendary quality, centuries-old Changyu" ancient culture create an elegant appeal and appeal to consumers. There is also a “natural strategy” proposed by “Xihu Beer”, which is also visually enabling consumers to experience the cool taste effect while enjoying the cool heartbeat.

Second, it is to win from the juggling effect of the image. The performance of the effect can create a humorous and intriguing humorous environment, allowing consumers to naturally accept packaging advertising information in a relaxed, thoughtful smile. Its techniques use exaggeration, distortion, and decoration to carry out humorous and humorous taste changes. Such as the intentional exaggeration and distortion of certain features of animals, plants, or people, etc., to produce humorous and funny images. Make packaging unique and appealing

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