Application and Solution of Waterborne Glue Compound Technology (Part 2)

Aluminizing transfer control is shown in Table IV. The aluminum plating CPP aluminum plating transfer is a long-standing problem for food packaging companies, and the aluminized film and adhesive are two important factors that cause aluminum plating transfer. In the premise that the domestic aluminum plating CPP film is generally not strong on the aluminum plating, packaging companies often choose adhesives to improve the direction. Solvent adhesives are often difficult to choose after compounding in the balance between the solvent residue and the aluminum plating transfer. Our company uses the same aluminized film in the same product complex. We used the water-based glue solvent-soluble glue comparative experiment separately. We found that the water-based glue compound product not only has good composite strength, but also has a transfer condition of aluminum plating in the case where the amount of residual solvent reaches the standard. good. The solvent-based glue composite product basically completely transferred aluminum film, and the strength of O. About 06Kgf/15mm, unable to meet the physical properties of products.

Water-based adhesive compound common abnormalities and improvement methods

Composite appearance tunnel

When not possible, scrapers are not clean or the doctor blade and glue plate

Plug version

Using methyl ethyl ketone or ethyl acetate to wash the composite film with blurred appearance and bubbles

Raise the temperature of the oven and cure the composite film at high temperature for 12-24 hours

Economic evaluation

Solvent-based glue compounded with adhesive dry basis 14.3 7U/Kg, ethyl ester price 8.5 yuan/Kg, solid content 30%, L glue volume 3mg/m2 converted composite cost is about 0.1 325 7E/m2 water-based glue Composite adhesive: base 42.86 712/kg, gluing was 2.5mg/m2 conversion, composite cost is about 0.1071 yuan/m2. In contrast, the cost of water-based rubber compounding is about 0.0254 yuan/m2 less than that of solvent-based rubber compounding, and packaging companies are saving production costs of about 1,524,000 yuan, which is equivalent to the company's production cost, of 60,000 square meters. Monthly profit


After long-term batch use of water-based adhesives, our company has not only improved the operating environment at the production site, safeguarded the physical and mental health of plant operators, but also ensured the hygienic, safe and environmental protection of food packaging composite membranes to meet the needs of the majority of consumers in the plants. It also brings economic benefits to the company. We are convinced that water-based glue compounding this environmentally friendly composite technology will make its due contribution to the food packaging industry.

Author: Zhang Hongjun Source: China Flexible Packaging News

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