W&H Introduces VAREX® 5-layer Blown Film Production Line

With MULTICONE® technology, W&H has developed a modular, new blown film system with an excellent price/performance ratio. W&H introduces VAREX® 5-layer blown film production line. W&H develops a modular VAREX® blown film production line to meet the changing needs of the application field and the special needs of users. This modular system uses a number of technical achievements from W&H. This concept can be used for the production of up to seven layers of narrow co-extruded films or high-barrier diaphragms that use intra-bubble cooling.

The production line is equipped with the company's latest patented MAXICONE® die. The compact design of this technology ensures the shortest flow path and material residence time and ensures a fully reliable flow distribution for each membrane layer. Silo savings are achieved by reducing “dead ends” and reducing pressure losses. W&H believes that MAXICONE® is the most advanced die technology in the market.

The line is equipped with W&H's MULTICOOL®D double lip air ring system. The MULTICOOL® D double-lip air ring system is also based on W&H's modular air ring, which achieves excellent cooling through three levels of cooling. This is the most effective and powerful system in the inner bubble cooling system currently on the market. The entire system can be adjusted according to product characteristics, and the production efficiency is significantly improved compared to the previous wind-loop system. And equipped with VARIOCAGE® system to adjust the film size and provide the most effective support and guidance for the bubble. Because the cooling is fully effective, the new MULTINIP® oscillating traction system ensures that the film stays on the screed plate long enough.

The line also introduces the OPTIFIL P2 film size control system. Film bubble coolers, swing traction devices, and weight detection control systems inside the OPTIFIL P2 system are standard components of the W&H blown film system and are integrated with the PROCONTROL and customer-oriented OPRIFIL PLUS automation modules. By controlling the temperature at the melt outlet die, OPTIFIL P2 ensures minimal film thickness deviations and guarantees consistency. The PROCONTROL system can also be applied to other W&H production lines.

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