Sealed Air Cryovac Food Packaging Introduces Premier Dri-Loc® Absorbent Pad

China Packaging Network compile: Sealed Air Cryovac food packaging sector developed by Premier Dri-Loc® absorbent pad capable of absorbing and fresh meat, poultry and fish juices released from the upper opaque polymer hide the juice is absorbed by the middle layer, like cloth The same bottom layer will quickly drain the juice to maintain a clean appearance. The display on the shelf will appear more tidy, while also extending the shelf life.

1. The upper layer of purification is a hidden layer, which makes the sap from food, such as fresh fish, invisible. It can improve the shelf display and extend the goods supply period. 2. The middle layer is a strong absorbent pad, which absorbs the juice from the food such as fresh fish. 3. It is like cloth. The bottom layer will quickly drain the juice to maintain a clean appearance. Premier Dri-Loc® absorbent pads are available in a variety of colors: white, yellow, black, blue, pink (rose) brown, brown, red, green and many more.

Source: China Packaging Network

Vanity Mirror Description:

Vanity mirror also can called as be Beauty mirrors, makeup mirrors and cosmetic mirrors, it is very popular at moment , it be used at many luxury hotels including economic hotels as well as  high star resorts. When all these vanity mirrors be found always make customer more comfortable and more convenient to be used.

Our Vanity mirrors can be called Beauty mirrors , including Vanity Table Mirror, Vanity Mirror With Light, Double Vanity Mirror. You can choose from us different vanity mirrors as per different function,shape and different finishes. If you can not find happy vanity mirror from us ,you can offer your requirement with your idea to tell us so that we can produce as per your require, we are able to do OEM because we have our own factory.

LEVE vanity mirror choose quality metal raw materials and we use imported glass mirrors from Taiwan company, we use reliable electrical parts which we developed our our own company in Shenzhen.  Below you can find some type of vanity mirrors.

Double vanity mirrorVanity mirror

Material and Quality:

LEVE Vanity mirrors use selected metal raw materials,glass mirrors and reliable electrical parts, our lighted vanity mirror is different from which you can see on the market,it is not only mirrors but also an equipment with special function including anti-fog,anti-wet, anti-rust, and good in illumination.

We use thickness metal to make our mirror strong enough to long time use and we use important glass mirrors make your picture more reality and more beautiful.

Our mirrors are approved via international safety certificate such as CE.UL , GS, TUV, Rosh .

Once you cooperate with us you don`t worry about quality problems makes you trouble.

vanity mirror

About Us:

Shenzhen LEVE Houseware Co,Ltd is an enterprise which specializes in the design, manufacture, and export of  Vanity mirrors, such as vanity table mirrors, duble vanity mirrors, wall mounted vanity mirrors, standing vanity mirrors, lighted vanity mirrors, magnifying vanity mirrors and other bathroom vanity mirrors, etc. 

We have been serving the hospitality and residential industries for over ten years with product lines that including luxury vanity mirrors, led vanity mirrors with sensor switch and battery operated mirrors .

We look forward to your cooperation !

Vanity table mirror

Vanity Mirror

Vanity Mirror,Popular Vanity Mirror,Round Vanity Mirror,Stand Vanity Mirror,Beauty Mirror, Cosmetic Mirror

Shenzhen LEVE Houseware Co., Ltd. ,

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