Prepress Process Control Dangers and Solutions (Part 2)

Management color - and outlook

Throughout the workflow, color management uses more communication to provide a consistent expected color. The color management based on the characteristic description file is to automatically determine the color reproduction characteristics of the scanner, the monitor, and the output device by software. No matter what device outputs a copy, the goal is to obtain a consistent, repeatable, predictable, and optimizable color reproduction.

Industrial innovations, such as direct technology, have disrupted several independent steps in the printing process. Because there are fewer steps, each step has greater value. Standards provide the basis for color management.

By using a variable color management system, printers can cut half the amount of offset paper needed for a typical 55,000 page print job. This alone proves that the color management system is correct. And they also bring a consistent color.

The press operator should use the digital data from the production sample as a guide – through these digital presses. Ray Prince, a PIA/GATF expert, believes that repeated or printed damages should account for 2% of total sales. (This figure is 1% for companies that make profits.)

The main reason for the repetitive work of the printing press is that the follow-up is inconclusive. The main reason is that the printing press or the proofing process is not stable. Color management can minimize this mismatch.

After adopting standards, in addition to performing control workflow processes and selecting a color management system, printers must also develop a process to ensure consistency of all process steps, especially on prepress and printing equipment. Without this consistency, the color management system will fail.

The printer must pay attention to the mechanical state of the device. Successful companies know that if they want to run a printing press, they must have defect detection, otherwise they are losing money in the scrap. A characterization process that identifies possible defect processes contains the following documents:

* Installation of each printing station (even for each roller)

* All features of Ink System, including ink instructions

* All types of plate types and platesetters used

* Substrate information

Finally, after implementing standards, using color management/workflow systems, and process control, you must evaluate this result from a statistical point of view. The NPES committee of the Printed Technology Standards (CGATS) is preparing a set of recommendations for process evaluation. The title of the program is CGATS Recommended Industrial Practices: Development of a color profile database - process program management, press run analysis and reporting.

An example of a successful process control for printers is Cadmus Communications, an international company headquartered in Richmond with 445 million U.S. dollars in assets and 3,000 employees. The company invested 450,000 U.S. dollars to purchase two such systems and it is estimated that the investment will be recovered within 15 months. After installing these two systems and reducing waste, Cadmus's income will exceed investment. It not only saves paper - it also saves printing time and increases the amount of print jobs.

Successful plan

We have already discussed the process control tools. But how should these procedures be applied to the pressroom? One printer said: "There does seem to be a factor related to success. Those who do homework do better than those who only buy or build materials." This kind of homework is understood from the special circumstances. The beginning of the economic situation. What expectations do people have for the control of scrap, delays, maintenance, or security? What is the added cost? What kind of extra support is needed? In the end, what is the risk?

Those who are respected in the company must be able to deliver exciting news and “promote” changes in the process within the factory. For example, managers in companies should encourage employees to have a sense of ownership and think about what customers think. This enables employees to actively look for problems and question them when things are not correct.

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