The Necessity of Effectively Controlling and Utilizing Print Resources (I)

Printing is a supporting system for the development of newspapers. It is also an industry. To enlarge and strengthen the newspaper industry group, it is necessary to fully tap the printing resources and make it an important support for the development of the newspaper industry.

The necessity of effective control and use of printed resources

1. Newspaper printing is a stable source of profit

In recent years, China’s newspaper industry has grown rapidly in a growing market economy. Newspaper printing has also grown rapidly. It has become an important economic pillar and indispensable economic entity for newspaper groups and newspapers. All newspaper groups have taken the printing industry as an important part of building the media industry chain and achieved very good results. For example, the Fujian Daily Newspaper Group has established three printing plants in Fuzhou, Quanzhou, and Xiamen. In 2004, the group’s profit was 45 million yuan, while the printing factory turned in profits of 17 million yuan, accounting for three cents of the entire group’s profits. One; Sichuan Daily Newspaper Group, in 2004 the group's profit was 30 million yuan, and the printing factory turned in profits of nearly 20 million, accounting for two-thirds of the group's total profit.

After the newspapers have been produced, there are many surplus resources, including tangible assets such as venues, equipment and funds, as well as intangible assets such as market networks, technical teams, and management experience. In order to activate these surplus resources, it becomes a diversification of the newspaper business. The preferred item. Looking at these assets alone does not necessarily have a differentiated strategic advantage, but because they are formed and accumulated in the newspaper's own development process, together with the newspaper industry's many advantages as a mass media, these assets have a certain degree of With the competitiveness, we can expand our business scope to create profitable resources.

2. Newspaper printing industry faces resource loss

At present, many newspaper industry groups have conducted some explorations on the system and mechanism of newspaper printing and have achieved certain results. However, due to the lack of understanding of the printing resources, they did not see the printing company as a part of their media and enjoyed many of the "parent" resource advantages and policy advantages, resulting in a large part of the resources being not fully utilized and lost. This is mainly manifested in several aspects: First, the printing resources are not seen as wealth, but as a burden, arbitrary rejection to others; Second, the layout of the site is unreasonable, arbitrarily large, too many printing points, there are many problems in cost control .

In fact, the newspaper printing industry has the characteristics of high profitability, stability, and low risk. If the layout is reasonable, not only can the cost be greatly reduced, but also higher reporting can be achieved. For example, the new printing plant established by Fujian Newspaper Group in Fuzhou and Xiamen does not consider the cost of paper and plate making. The profit rate is as high as nearly 50%.

3, to ensure the quality of newspaper printing needs

If the printing resources are not in the hands of the group itself, due to the differences in printing equipment, technology, and paper between the various entrusted printing companies, the printing quality of the newspapers varies from time to time. Some times are even worse, and readers report very poorly. Strong, it will seriously affect the newspaper's image among readers. Under the current management system and interest mechanism, newspaper groups often lack effective control measures. If the management system and interest mechanism of print resources are adjusted and the initiative is held in the hands of the group, the printing quality of newspapers can be guaranteed.

Prerequisites for effective control and utilization

Since printing is an industry, it must operate in accordance with the laws of the development of the general industry, and everything should be considered in order to achieve the goal of maximizing profits.

1. Whether the timeliness of the issue can be guaranteed

The location selection, decentralization, and concentration of printing spots are mainly determined by the timeliness of the newspaper's issuance. Therefore, we must consider the concentration and adjustment of printing points on the premise of guaranteeing the issuance time.

According to calculations, the time for delivery of newspapers is controlled at one hour, and it will not affect the time-effectiveness of newspapers. In the case of highway access, newspapers are delivered for an hour or so in an area with a radius of about 100 kilometers. Based on this, the printing range of each printing spot is about 100 kilometers.

2. Whether it can form economies of scale

Without affecting the effectiveness of newspapers, it is necessary to effectively control and use printed resources and produce economies of scale. Full consideration must be given to the circulation of publications. Therefore, the printed fabrics should be placed in a basket for overall planning, and small interests should be subject to the great interests of the group. It is necessary to withdraw some printing spots with fewer circulations in their locations and merge them into the printing spots where the circulation is large and where there is potential for distribution, so as to achieve the maximum return with the minimum investment. For example, Fujian Press Group has set up three printing spots in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Quanzhou.

Rebuilding of mechanisms for effective control and utilization

To carry out institutional innovations and establish a mechanism that has its own hematopoietic and rolling development is an important issue faced by printing groups. Therefore, in the future construction of India, new models should be adopted and new operating mechanisms established. The specific idea is as follows:

1. In order to operate a printing company that has a printing capacity of more than 100,000 copies per day, there are two methods for holding business:

(1) Establish a new printing company. There are three ways:

First, the newspaper group invests and establishes branches or wholly-owned subsidiaries. The former can use the condition that the group is a business unit and can effectively avoid tax. The second is to implement an internal shareholding system and establish a limited liability company. This approach can increase the awareness of the group's employees in caring about and participating in the development and management of the group. It will internally raise funds and legalize the idle capital of the group's internal employees in an internal joint-stock system to achieve risk sharing and benefit sharing. At present, the printing center of the Chongqing Daily Newspaper Group is the pilot scheme.

The third is to establish a joint-stock enterprise. Seek external partners, absorb external funds, form a joint-stock company, set up a board of directors, and implement a new management model.

(2) Negotiating with the printing company of the current printing press group newspaper to transfer the shares, and the group will carry out the holding business.

2. For printing spots with a print volume of less than 100,000 copies, it can be in the form of group holdings or public tendering operations. The latter can reduce costs and avoid black-box operations.

3. In addition to the management personnel sent by the Group, the printing enterprises controlled by the Group are all employed and the labor service agreements are signed.

Effective control and utilization of investment, equipment, and benefit analysis

The effective control and use of printing resources will inevitably involve the construction of investment and printing plants. Here we use a printing point to print 50,000 copies of daily newspapers and print 100,000 copies of evening newspapers as an assumption. We will analyze the investment and equipment of a printing point in detail.

1, layout and printing quantity

● The daily newspaper is facing the 12th edition, and each printed dot prints 50,000 copies.

Among them, a single-sided color newspaper 50,000 pairs open; two single-sided red newspaper 100,000 pairs open.

In the whole year of 350 days, the number of single-color newspapers was 17,500 thousand pairs, and the number of single-sided red newspapers was 35,000 thousand pairs.

● Evening News 4 opened 48 editions, each printing 100,000 copies.

One-sided or double-sided color newspaper counts 600,000 pairs.

For the whole year of 350 days, a total of 210,000 thousand pairs were opened.

The annual output of the two newspapers was 262,500 thousand pairs.

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