Victory Albert's two efficient die-cutting machines

The maximum feeding size of the SL-1060C fully automatic flattening die cutting machine is 1070790mm, and the maximum cutting speed is 8000s/h. Using professional high-precision intermittent mechanism, electronic cam control, pneumatic lock plate, pneumatic clutch, overload protector and unique transmission mechanism, the positioning system and high-speed and stable paper feeding realizes smooth paper feeding, accurate positioning, and neat paper collection. The electrical part adopts the application of computer control and human-machine interface to realize the whole process automation of the whole machine, with photoelectric detection, sound and light alarm functions, and can display various random working conditions and troubleshooting methods through the man-machine interface.

The maximum cutting speed of the SL-800M automatic flattening and die-cutting die cutting machine is 9000s/h. It adopts professional high-precision intermittent mechanism, thin paper speed-reduction mechanism, pneumatic clutch, pneumatic sampling, high-speed paper feeding, and paper feeding system to achieve smooth paper feeding. ,Positioning accuracy. High-strength gripper teeth and front and rear positioning, side positioning mechanism to ensure that the paper's die-cutting accuracy is guaranteed. The unique delivery mechanism ensures smooth and orderly delivery. The 800620mm die-cut layout design is particularly suitable for the processing of quadruple cigarette packets.

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