Easy-to-use Wenhong die-cutting machine

WH-1060C High-speed and high-precision automatic die-cutting machine has a maximum speed of 7500 per hour and a die-cutting accuracy of ±0.15mm or less. It is designed for both push and pull and is easy to operate. It uses a clamp-type gripper to ensure high-speed stability. Cut paper thickness from 80 g to B pit corrugated paper; with touch screen design, easy to operate; the machine has a microcomputer control detection device, can display the fault location on the touch screen and how to adjust the machine; according to the paper thickness adjustment machine pressure, easy to operate .

Source: "Global Box Industry"

Measuring Cups And Spoons

Solid Spoon,Ice Cream Spoon,Measuring Cups And Spoons,Spoons Set

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