University student R & D smart monitor won 1.5 million venture capital

University student R & D smart monitor won 1.5 million venture capital

Using sensors and other instruments for intelligent monitoring, the "tailor-made" specific scheme makes the building more energy efficient. The reporter learned on November 5 that Chongqing Lingxin Information Technology Co., Ltd., with the help of the Chongqing University Student Entrepreneurship Incubation Base, has successfully obtained the first round of capital injection of 1.5 million yuan from a local venture capital institution.

From "Splaying Troops" to Enterprise Operation

At the end of 2008, Cao Ling, who was studying abroad, returned to Chongqing and founded Lingxin An Information Technology Co., Ltd. with two students who knew technology and sales. In 2009, they officially settled in the Chongqing University Student Startup Incubation Base in Shiqiaopu. There, they received a series of services such as free office space, entrepreneurship training, and innovation guidance, as well as 250,000 yuan in start-up investment. This is undoubtedly a "send charity" to them.

With the help of the incubation base, Cao Ling regards technology research and development as the core competitiveness of the company's development and aims at the emerging field of building energy efficiency. From the initial product agency and technology integration, it has gradually begun to change to independent research and development.

"The energy consumption monitoring and energy-saving management system we have developed is mainly based on Internet technology, installing meters and sensors to intelligently monitor the energy consumption of lighting, air conditioning and elevators in buildings, and then analyze and formulate a set of solutions." Cao Ling said that this can reduce energy consumption of buildings by about 20% -30%.

As of the first half of this year, the city has already installed and applied 30 large public buildings such as Jiefangbei Moonlight Center Plaza and Yunyang Liangjiang Holiday Hotel, and the company's sales revenue has reached tens of millions of yuan from the initial tens of thousands of yuan. .

"We have transformed from the past" sold soldiers to swim bravely "to the current enterprise operation, and the team size is also expanding. At present, the team has 20 people, all of which are college students, and 60% of the total number of employees are graduates." Cao Ling told reporters .

Going to be listed on GEM in the future

"Building energy consumption monitoring and energy-saving management will have a lot of room for development in Chongqing and even the country." Cao Ling introduced that in May this year, the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Building Energy Conservation" was released, and Chongqing was selected as the first batch One of the key cities for energy-saving renovation of large public buildings.

Cao Ling hopes to adopt the "contract energy management" model and implement a "zero threshold" installation, so that his products can be put into use in public buildings in the city's shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings and more than one year.

"Initially, neither the building owner nor the user needs to invest a penny. When the system is used and the actual benefits are seen, a certain percentage of the annual energy consumption cost savings is extracted as a fee." Cao Ling said that this can be eliminated Many people's concerns about the effectiveness of the system are more conducive to the widespread promotion of advanced technology. "Through these efforts, we hope that our team will be able to build an influential enterprise in the field of building energy efficiency. In the future, it will also strive to be listed on the GEM!"

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