Calcium ion concentration detector detection principle

I. Product Introduction Calcium ion detector is an instrument for measuring the concentration of calcium ions in solution. The instrument is measured by electrode method. The instrument is widely used to determine the content of calcium in medicine, water, blood and soil. easy to use.

Second, technical parameters Measuring range 0-1000mg / L
Resolution 0.1 mg/L
Repeatability ≤2%
Indication error ±5%FS±1 words Charger AC 220V 50Hz

Third, the instrument features 1. Microcomputer, touch keyboard is easy to use.
2. The sensor uses a calcium ion electrode, which consists of a measuring electrode and a reference electrode. The potential is stable, the response time is fast, and the use is convenient.
3. Fully automatic three-point calibration, the current value is automatically latched after the reading is stable, and the power-down data is not lost.
4. High resolution. The meter resolution is 0.1 mg/L.

4. Water sample test Clean the electrode with deionized water, blot the water with filter paper, put it into the sample solution, press the reading button, the instrument will automatically display the stable measurement value.

V. Precautions (1) Three standard solutions of calcium chloride should be prepared before calibration.
(2) When the instrument is calibrated and tested, it must be carried out under the action of a magnetic stirrer, and the temperature, stirring speed and ionic strength of the solution should be consistent.
(3) When testing the sample solution, clean the electrode and use the filter paper to absorb the water. The container of the dilute solution and the concentrated solution should not be confused. When testing, try to measure the concentrated solution according to the dilute solution.
(4) It is generally necessary to calibrate before the test, but the test interval is short and does not need to be calibrated, or the calibration solution can be measured. If the measured value is within the error range, no calibration is needed.
(5) After the instrument is measured, the electrode should be cleaned with a filter paper using deionized water and put back into the package for dry storage.

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Note: The technical specifications herein are for reference only. We remain the rights to upgrade without prior notice. 

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