There is a change in the physical examination of the college entrance examination.

This year's physical examination in college entrance examinations has changed somewhat from the situation in previous years. It was discovered at the physical examination center of the Hefei Daxin District Hospital that many of the students who participated in physical examination were glasses. "There are a lot of students who wear contact lenses at ordinary times. The estimated myopia in the class is 60 to 70 percent," said Xiao Zhang, an examinee who participated in the physical examination.
“I wear glasses since the beginning of my senior year. Now my degree of myopia has increased every year for more than 400 degrees.” One female student said that the third year of learning is stressful, and she often reviews lessons until late at night.
According to the eye examination medical doctor Li Shuping, 60% of students who come to physical examination have different degrees of myopia. “Generally uncorrected visual acuity is below 4.8, which can be counted as nearsightedness. From today's physical examination, 60% of students have nearsightedness problems. This is an old problem. Every year, the student does not achieve the highest standards of visual acuity. The more serious the trend is."
“Overall, the candidates' physical quality is showing a better and better trend.” Jiang Hongwei, head of the hospital physical examination hospital and vice president of Heke Daxin District Hospital, told reporters that on the first day, more than 800 candidates had physical examinations, of which overweight was more than in previous years. As a result, only a very few candidates weighed more than the normal range.
In addition, the first day of physical examination data shows that the height of candidates is generally higher than in previous years, but there are also new problems. "In the physical examination process, there were several suspected high blood pressure for candidates." An Yanhui, a nurse at the physical examination center, said that it may be because of the nervousness of the candidates and does not mean that the students suffer from hypertension.
Candidates do not have to worry that Luoyang will no longer implement "naked inspection" several years ago.
Recently, whether or not the college entrance examination needs to undress “naked inspection” has become a hot topic among netizens. "I don't like naked detection. Personal health is personal. It is not good to expose myself to my classmates." The girl said that most students agree.
“Examinees do not have to worry that Luoyang will no longer implement 'naked inspection' several years ago. Students’ privacy issues will receive sufficient attention and protection.” Gao Bingnan, general manager of the Luoyang City Admissions Office’s general recruitment department, said that when students’ medical examinations, the boys Wearing underwear, girls wearing underwear underwear for inspection, male doctors examine male candidates, female doctors examine female candidates.
At the same time, Gao Bingnan said that if special medical examinations are required for special circumstances, the physical examination hospital will try to meet the requirements of the candidates. "It is necessary to ensure the authenticity of the physical examination results, but also to protect the privacy of candidates as much as possible."
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