What are the advantages and disadvantages of the whole body brick?

Speaking of all-body bricks, you may not have heard of them, we may have contact during the home improvement process, but if you understand it, maybe not everyone knows very much. In fact, it is still necessary to understand some of this knowledge. The editor has collected some knowledge about the whole body brick for everyone, let's take a look at it together.

Introduction of whole body brick

Speaking of what is a full-body brick, it is actually another derivative of ceramic tiles. Its raw material is formed from suitable rock fragments in a high-pressure environment. After making a prototype, it is turned into a special floor tile material after rubbing and polishing. . Because it is made of natural stone, the water absorption rate of the whole brick is good, there will be no water marks, and the wear resistance is better than the ceramic tile. With its polished appearance, it looks very bright, and there are many advantages in color. It is now widely used by many friends in the decoration of the living room, bedroom, or large exhibition hall.

The whole brick is named because the surface is not glazed, and the material and color of the front and back are the same. The whole brick is generally used for the decoration of indoor and outdoor walls and floors. The decorative effect is antique and elegant. It is simple and natural. At the same time, due to its rough surface, it forms diffuse reflection after the light is irradiated. The reflection is very soft and does not hurt the eyes. It will not cause any light pollution to the surrounding environment. Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the whole brick for everyone.

The advantages and disadvantages of the whole brick

The surface of the whole brick is a little rough, because of this, it makes the whole brick have good slip resistance and wear resistance. Among them, the beautiful pattern of "Blood Flower Brick" is even more admirable. However, it also has a fatal shortcoming that it is easy to get dirty. The pores of the whole brick are easy to hide dirt and dirt, and it is a bit tired to get a little dirty.

The fine particles on the surface of the whole brick are directly benefited by the possibility of low water absorption and strong penetration resistance, but this depends on the brand. You can choose a better brand and have better eyesight. Some products with poor quality will have interlayer cracking. The whole brick is pressed twice, and no one can make a difference if it does not catch up well.

The whole body brick is a kind of brick that can resist moisture. When the whole body brick is used in the kitchen decoration floor, the cooking and cooking are soiled. It can be scrubbed with general detergents and metal wires, and will not produce any unsightly small scratches Or it is a stain that affects the appearance. When dealing with it at ordinary times, it is necessary to prevent the dirt and dust from infiltrating into the brick body, once it penetrates, it cannot be wiped off.

Because of the low strength of natural stone, the processing thickness is large and heavy, which increases the load of the floor building, which poses a potential threat and increases the cost. The brick body of the whole brick is relatively thin and light in weight, which is convenient for transportation and paving. The final manufacturing process of the whole brick is very important, that is, the antifouling agent. If the effect of antifouling treatment is not very good, the brick may become particularly ugly after a long time.

Warm reminder: In the process of using full-body bricks as your floor tiles, you must pay attention to the specifications of full-body bricks. Generally speaking, different rooms should use different specifications. For example, a bathroom with a small area is suitable for three hundred by three. A hundred smaller waterproof and anti-skid bricks, which can increase the visual area of ​​the bathroom. Secondly, there is a living room. The bedroom should be larger than 800 by 800. Secondly, the color of the whole brick is also a key to judging the quality. Generally, the good quality of the whole brick will have similar colors on both sides and close to the same, but if there is too much difference, it means that the quality of the whole brick is not close. Secondly, the abrasion resistance, waterproofness, and resistance to deformation of the whole brick are all reasons why it is now widely used as a domestic floor tile.

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