Large-diameter plastic spiral wound pipe passed the appraisal recently

The large-caliber plastic spiral-wound tube invented by Chongqing Gray Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. has passed expert appraisal in Chongqing recently. Experts believe that this large diameter plastic pipe fills the gap in the world.
Chongqing Graery's pipeline has obtained a number of national patents, its maximum diameter has exceeded 5 meters, theoretically can process any diameter, any length of the pipeline, but also double, multi-layer winding, in order to enhance the strength and rigidity of the pipeline.
Plastic spiral winding pipe uses waste polypropylene and polyethylene plastics that pollute the environment as raw materials. It not only saves materials and light weight, but also protects the ecological environment and saves resources. In particular, the Spiral-wrapped inlay processing method of the Gurry Pipeline realizes the plate production of the pipe and can be wound on site according to the needs. With new technologies and novel structures, the production of the pipe is more convenient, simple and inexpensive. Urban water supply, sewage disposal, agricultural irrigation and other constructions have become simple and easy.
Due to its advantages of convenient construction, high strength, good rigidity, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance, plastic spiral-wound pipelines are gradually replacing traditional concrete pipelines, becoming a new type of municipal water supply, sewage, and agricultural irrigation pipelines, with unlimited market prospects.

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