Hunan research and development of variable frequency power standards is the first in the country

On August 12, an appraisal committee led by Academician Zhang Zhonghua of the Chinese Academy of Engineering conducted an appraisal of the "Frequency Conversion Power Standard Source" developed by Hunan Province. The appraisal committee determined that the high-voltage, high-current variable-frequency power standard source developed by the project has filled the gaps at home and abroad, and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level, and the technical indicators such as the range and frequency range are at the international leading level.

Frequency conversion power test system is a new type of measurement equipment for measuring and measuring the voltage, current, power and harmonics of various frequency conversion devices. It is widely used in motors, fans, pumps, wind power generation, rail transportation, LED lighting and other fields. High-precision energy efficiency evaluation and power quality analysis. At present, the domestic and foreign frequency conversion power test equipment is still in a situation where there is no standard to follow and no traceability, which leads many users to purchase expensive imported instruments and meters, but they cannot find a legal measurement agency to perform measurement verification on their performance indicators. The contradiction between the strong market demand for variable frequency adjustment motors and variable frequency power measurement equipment and the insufficient ability to trace the amount of variable frequency power has become a bottleneck that hinders the orderly, sustainable and healthy development of the industry. Therefore, the problem of variable frequency power measurement is a problem that the metrology technology must overcome as quickly as possible.

Hunan Institute of Metrology and Testing, in conjunction with Hunan Yinhe Electric Co., Ltd. and National University of Defense Technology, started the project research at the end of 2010, and finally successfully trial-produced the “standard source of frequency conversion power” in June this year. On the morning of August 12, the Appraisal Committee listened to the research group's research report on the variable frequency power standard source and inspected the subject device on site. They agreed that the output voltage and current of the domestic and foreign variable frequency power standard sources can only reach 1000V, 100A , And only a few countries have the technical achievements, and the output voltage and current of the "standard power source of frequency conversion" has reached 10000V, 500A, and the output frequency can reach 5 ~ 400Hz, which successfully solves the problem of measurement uniformity of frequency conversion motor energy consumption .

It is understood that the subject of "standard source of frequency conversion power" is a worldwide technical problem facing the national key project of motor energy conservation, facing the motor energy efficiency test, guiding the energy saving transformation of the motor, and frequency conversion power and frequency conversion energy measurement. The above three units have adopted digital synthesis, high-power amplification, intelligent measurement and control technologies, etc., and have successfully developed the variable-frequency high-power standard source for the first time, solving the variable-frequency power sensor, variable-frequency power analyzer, variable-frequency high-voltage, etc. that cannot be solved by other countries. The problem of traceability of the value of instruments and technical parameters.

At the report meeting on the scientific and technological achievements of the “Frequency Conversion Power Standards”, relevant leaders and experts agreed that the achievements provide a good measurement basis for frequency conversion electrical energy measurement, and are important for China ’s energy-saving emission reduction, advanced equipment manufacturing and other key areas and strategic emerging industries. Has great significance. This achievement provides measurement guarantee for the frequency conversion motor efficiency test, motor test and motor energy-saving transformation of the national "Motor System Energy-Saving Project".

As we all know, motors and motor systems are important energy-consuming equipment, and their power consumption accounts for 60% of the total power consumption of the whole society. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China will widely promote the transformation of variable frequency motors to achieve the goals of increasing the operating efficiency of the motor by 2% to 3% and saving 30 billion kilowatt-hours per year. To achieve this goal, the measurement capability of variable frequency power and variable frequency energy is the key. Hunan Province is the most concentrated area for the research, production and use of "frequency conversion electricity sensors" and "frequency conversion electricity measuring instruments", and it is also the earliest area where frequency conversion electricity measurement research is carried out. The achievement of "standard source of frequency conversion power" has laid a good foundation for the development of frequency conversion electricity measurement.

It is reported that in order to improve China's right to speak of energy saving in motors, Hunan is striving to establish a "National Specialized Metering Station for Variable Frequency Electricity" and establish a "standard for primary measurement of variable frequency electricity". The Hunan Provincial Government stated that it will provide support in terms of institutions, projects, funds and policies, actively support the development of projects in the direction of industrialization, and play a huge role in this achievement as soon as possible.

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