How to install the door

installation steps

According to the order of installation, it is divided into three parts: the combination of the door frame, the placement of the door hole, and the entry of the door leaf.

First, the door frame installation method
The 30MM thick door frame can be used for walls with widths of 120MM, 150MM, 180MM, 210MM, 240MM, etc., which can meet the requirements of most decoration.
1. Unpack the whole door line and check various parts: 1 823±1MM long top frame, 2 treaty 2.1m long side frame, door cover line, front door frame line, back door frame line, mute strip , door stop line, fixed iron piece, expansion screw, wood screw, etc.
2. At the end of the two side frames, there are already fixed 9×18MM steps, and two small holes are drilled to facilitate the fixing of the wood screws; on the side, the countersunk holes are drilled, and the expansion screws can be used for fixing. . Be sure to lock the top and side frames with wood screws after alignment.
3. Place a temporary fixed wooden square underneath to perform auxiliary correction so that the door frame is roughly vertical square. The door frame is installed.

Second, the door hole installation method 1, the assembled door frame into the door hole, adjust the gap between the sides and the top, use the wooden wedge to level and straighten and close the door frame.
2. If installing with expansion screws, drill the hole on the wall with the impact drill to align the expansion screw hole on the side frame, install the expansion screw and lock it; if it is installed with fixed iron piece, align it with the iron piece. Hole drilling, stuffed into the gecko, fastened with self-tapping screws.
3. Fill the gap between the wall and the door frame with styrofoam or cement slurry.
4. After the styrofoam or cement slurry is air-dried, remove the temporary fixing wood and saw off the excess protruding wooden wedge.
5. Paste the front door frame line and the back door frame line to the door frame with universal glue. The corners should be cut at a 45-degree angle in the width direction. The front door frame is 70 mm, and the rear door frame is 100 mm, 150 mm, 250 mm, etc.
6. Use the universal glue to paste the door line and insert it into the special 3MM wide 30MM deep groove on the door frame, and adjust the insertion depth according to the width of the wall. When combining, the corners need to be cut at an angle of 45 degrees in the width direction.
7. Use the nail gun directly to nail the door line to the door frame line. After fixing, press the entry line buckle and the mute bar. The fixed door stop line just presses the seam of the front and rear door frame lines. When combining, the intersection angle should be cut at an angle of 45 degrees in the width direction.
8. Use Bi Lizhu to clean the construction surface. After the door is installed, proceed to the next step to install the door.

Third, the door fan installation method The existing door leaf specifications are 800 × 2000 × 36MM, suitable for most of the living room 900 × 2100MM and other specifications of the door.
1. Preparation:
(1) Direction of opening the door: If the door is purchased, the opening direction of the door must be clearly defined;
(2) Check the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the door opening;
(3) Check whether the wall is dry or not. The door leaf and the door frame are stacked horizontally and separated from the heat source (including direct sunlight) to protect them from heat deformation. The indoor air of the storage door should be dry and ventilated to prevent the door from getting wet. Do not force the door panel. Do not load heavy objects on the door panel.
(4) Before construction, please ensure that the wall of the installation door is horizontal and vertical. If there is any irregularity, it will be flattened first, otherwise it may bring future construction defects.
(5) Prepare the installation tool. Please read the installation instructions in the product package before installation.
2. Measurement data:
Measure the installation dimensions of the door and door leaf and make an estimated calculation:
Room size of the door: 2100×800×40 \ 2100×700×40mm
Door leaf thickness = standard 38mm\40mm\45mm
Door height = door height -5 to 10mm
Door width = door frame inner space - door leaf reserved slot width = door width + door line width door width = door width + door fan clearance + door frame thickness + door frame thickness + door frame adjustment according to the size of the door hole, door opening The height should be reduced by 10mm and the width should be reduced by 15mm.
3. Start the installation:
(1) Mark the construction auxiliary line on the wall, use 3mm, 5mm and 12mm or 15mm, 18mm large core board to make the bottom (according to the thickness of the wall), simulate the combination of each part of the door frame, and adjust to the complete parts. Just match. Put the door frame line into the wall hole, and the door frame edge and the top of the door frame are at a 45-degree angle to ensure that the door frame is parallel and perpendicular to the top of the door frame. (Note that this step is extremely important! Otherwise, the door may not be closed after installation!).
(2) Grinding the wall and the frame between the door frame after the door frame is installed, filling the gap, plastering the wall and tiling the wall.
(3) Determine the hinge installation position of the door frame, and reserve a suitable gap after marking the corresponding position on the door leaf. Machine the 2-3mm slot on the door leaf and fasten the hinge with the equipped screws. Temporarily fix the door leaf to the corresponding installation position and adjust it to the exact position; mark the fixed position of the hinge on the door frame, machine the hinge groove on the door frame, connect the door leaf with the hinge and fix the hinge.
(4) Install the keyhole box and keyhole plate of the door frame so that the door leaf is installed.

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