Inspection of two sets of four parallel data of calibration standard solution

When calibrating the concentration of the standard titration solution according to the "GB / T601-2002 Preparation of Chemical Reagent Standard Titration Solution", two people are required to carry out the experiment, each doing four parallels. The relative value of the critical range [CrR95 (4)] is 0.15%. The relative value of the two people's total eight parallel determination results should not be greater than the relative value of the repeatable critical range [CrR95 (8)] of 0.18%.

This Plastic Sensor Trash Bin could open easily at waving hands or kicking. It is made by eco-friendly plastic material--PP or ABS. Its surface is easy to clean and anti-fingerprinting.What's more, it supports two power sources--one is 2pcs AA Battery and the other is a re-chargeable lithium battery. You could choose one kind of way to apply in trash bin. It will bring more convenient experience of throwing trash for you to make you trash much more effectively and effortless.

Plastic Sensor Trash Bin

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