Interior wooden doors should be simple and stylish.

The style of the wooden door is closely related to the overall decoration style of the room. The wooden door network recommends that consumers buy a wooden door, first consider which room needs which door to use, and make a unified plan for the overall style. Usually, the home style is mainly divided into: Chinese design, European design, classical design, simple design, and personalized mix and match design. We use the simple home decoration design as an example. If the theme of the decoration in the room is simple and generous, then it is obviously inappropriate to use the European style carved wooden door at this time. You can choose a simple door without a pattern, the effect is better.

After determining what style to buy, the next thing consumers need to consider is the color of the wooden door, how to match the color of the decoration. Designers have encountered such owners, their room walls are luxurious and heavy dark wallpapers, wooden doors want to install white series, so there is a sense of dissonance, it is recommended to consider dark brown or darker colors The high-grade solid wood doors are not only apt, but also can make the interior luxury decoration more perfect.

According to different decoration, different colors of furniture and wallpaper, Yuehuo has launched a variety of safe wooden doors for consumers!

Modern urban style

The modern style pursues fashion and trend, and pays great attention to the perfect combination of the layout and use functions of the living room space. Modern styles are more versatile and influenced by fashion trends. But currently it is dominated by a simple Scandinavian style.

New decorative style

Originated from the Art Deco Art Deco style of the 1930s, it is decorated with luxurious and delicate details while leaving a calm, neutral and understated character. It is more refined than minimalism and calmer than the pastoral style. It often uses the abstract art patterns such as stems, leaves and flowers of plants and the small colors such as gold and bronze to reflect the temperament of darkness.

European style

European-style living rooms are not only luxurious, but also more comfortable and romantic and the details of excellence, with comfort and harmony is the highest state of European style. The white village is connected with the beach and the blue sky and blue sky. The sunflowers of southern Italy, the lavender fields of South France, the flowers of yellow, blue and purple and the green leaves form a natural beauty with a sense of emotion.

new Chinese style

The new sergeant style draws on the design of the essence of Chinese home furnishing in various periods, such as blue-and-white porcelain, hand-carved wood carvings, Taiji gossip and other elements, a layered space, and a dark book with a strong book, the most unpretentious Modern elegance. It has the dual aesthetic effect of classical and modern, allowing people to enjoy spiritual comfort while enjoying material civilization.

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Garden Storage Box is suit for outdoor garden usage for long time,you can put cushions, pillows into the box, which are very convenience for commercial usage or general usage. The material is UV resistant PE rattan and 1.2mm thickness aluminum frame with powder-coated.


Rattan fibers are smoothly double woven around concealed powder-coated aluminum frames. With easy open design and inner waterproof cover inside to resistant rain for long time.

·         Traditional forms with a spacious, inviting scale

·         Handwoven premium resin wicker UV resistant

·         Rust-resistant powder-coated frames

·         Adding extra cushion, the storage box can be ottoman

·         Add wheels on the bottom, convenience for moving

We have different design Garden Storage Box, different size for your selection, you can decorate your home or garden, make your life clean and neat.

Garden Storage box       Garden Storage box

Garden Storage box         Garden Storage box

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Garden Storage Box

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