Biodegradable plastics attract attention

Belgian Surface Specialty Chemicals Company - UCB launches Nature Flex biopolymer resin, which uses a polymer coated product that can be completely composted to sell cellulose to new applications and replace traditional ones polymer. Its important end-user market is organic fruits, vegetables, food packaging and cutlery and so on.

Cellulose was once a pillar product of the plastic packaging film market. However, biaxially oriented polypropylene film has replaced most of the market. Cellulose film is currently limited to use in some very special areas. The estimated annual global demand is slightly higher than 100,000 tons. In contrast, BOPP's annual demand is higher than 3 million tons. Experts believe that biodegradable plastics will have great potential for development once the problems of moisture resistance, gas barrier and good heat sealing properties are solved.

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