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Siemens M65

The Siemens candy bar phone M65's debut, for the player who likes outdoor sports provides a new choice, superior waterproof, dustproof and shockproof capabilities, as well as a wealth of entertainment and practical features, make this model on the network The release immediately received the attention of the majority of players. This phone can be described as classic as Ericsson's "Shark Machine" R310SC.

Siemens M65 provides perfect protection in terms of splash proof and dust proof. It is sealed tightly with soft rubber. In the camera part, M65 also provides a soft rubber cover protection. The soft rubber cover has a fixed point at the same time. The external antenna interface on the upper left side of the camera provides good protection, which shows that the airtightness is good. In terms of keyboard waterproofing, although no Nokia-style fully-enclosed waterproof method is adopted, the gap of the five-dimensional navigation key is observed. We have found that it uses a closed inner design. Even if water is splashed inside the keyboard, it will not touch the mobile phone. However, the most fragile part of waterproofing should be the speaker part. The mesh design can effectively reduce dust intrusion, but to the water droplets. I believe it can only play a minor mitigation role.


In terms of shock protection, the orange rubber protection mentioned above has played a good role. In addition, at four corners around the corner, the rubber protection bar is thicker and thicker than the edge, which more effectively protects the mobile phone from severe impact. In addition, the metal Z-shaped protection frame is locked through the spinlock at the rear of the fuselage, and the rubber bumper ring has excellent shock absorption function. Even if the bumps are encountered on the rugged mountain road, the mobile phone can be fully protected.

In addition to powerful three-way features, this hand has almost the most abundant features at the time, such as a built-in 300,000 pixel camera, WAP browser, call firewall and 3GP/MPEG4 video player, etc., which will not be introduced here.

The main parameters

â–¡ Network frequency: GSM/GPRS; 900/1800/1900MHz

â–¡Optional color: Cool Silver

□ Size: 109×49×19mm/89cm3

â–¡ Weight: 104g

□ screen parameters: 65536 color TFT color screen; 132 × 176 pixels; Chinese: 9 lines, English: 11 lines; white background light

â–¡ Talk time: 330 minutes

â–¡ Standby time: 250 hours

â–¡ Listing time: October 2004

â–¡ Standard Configuration: Lithium Battery (750mAh), Charger, Lens Protector

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