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Brand: Kolumb Colombo

Name of Product: Male Field Crossing Shoes

Section number: 3015B

Color: Dark Blue / Charcoal / Maize Yellow

Evaluation size: 42

Evaluation content: appearance, comfort, functional test

The main fabric: leather suede + nylon mesh

Sole material: PHYLON+RB

Market price: 398 yuan / double

When I just got these unassuming shoes, there was nothing special about me except for the light weight. It seemed to be a pair of ordinary travel shoes. After several months of wearing, it gave me a different look in all aspects. Now.

First, appearance

This pair of dark blue tones is a medium-to-medium crossover shoe with a simple and unadorned appearance. The twisted-leather patchwork and the nylon cloth cover the main part of the shoe. The toe cap has a thick leather wrapped in a glossy finish. The midsole is made of EVA material. The bottom uses two different hardness rubber materials.


Most outdoor sportsmen are young people, and some prefer bright colors: orange, blue, bright green, bright red, etc., and some people prefer natural colors: earth, brown, dark green, gray And so on, the color of this shoe is moderate. The colors used three basic colors: dark blue, charcoal, and corn yellow. Black outsole, grey midsole, middle layer of corn yellow, dark blue patchwork, gray nylon breathable mesh, corn yellow shoe lining, tongue and heel, and reflective strips shoelace. The three colors are more reasonable. Perhaps the designer considers that when the lining of a large piece of corn is worn, the color of the lining will be blocked by the trousers. However, when the customer chooses, it may find that the color of the lining is slightly conspicuous with the color of the shoes at Other positions.


The outer surface design of the shoe is very reasonable, the advantages are as follows:

1. The main use of gray nylon mesh cloth is very good in the breathability of the material, especially in the pair of shoes without waterproof breathable layer.

2. The dark blue, fluffed leather splicing on the mesh is used to increase the strength and wear resistance of the upper, especially on the sides of the shoe and on the laces.

3. There is a polished black leather design outside the dark blue leather on the head of the shoe. This design increases the durability of the toe cap. Usually the most ugly place for wearing full leather hiking shoes for a long time is the toecap, because the stumbling of the mountain, the head of the shoe is always the most vulnerable to rock, shrubs, collisions, friction, scratches, over time, marking marks.

In addition to the advantages there are two minor issues:

1. The design of the hiking shoes without a waterproof breathable layer reduces the versatility of the shoe. Because walking for many days does not guarantee that there will never be rain, and wearing a pair of non-waterproof shoes for a long time in the rain, depressed not only the mood, but also your feet.

2. The evaluation of the shoes in the toe extends to the left and right sides of the soles of the patch is not one (both shoes are), the appearance is not as good as the overall leather.


The big bottom of the shoe has a wider shape, so it can get a larger area of ​​support to make it more stable. The material of the outsole is relatively new. It is completed by two kinds of rubber combinations. It does not use a kind of rubber as the sole for the general hiking shoes. The main body of the outsole is made of black rubber. The rubber texture is softer than Vibram. It looks like the friction is good. I am afraid that the wear will be faster. In order to increase its frictional force, there is a reversed "V"-shaped projection on the periphery of the sole, which extends to the outer edge of the sole. Because the two angles of this "V" design are opposite to the soles's direction of application, the frictional force is higher than that of the soles designed with a single direction of projection; also due to this "V" design, there are places and feet. The opposite direction of pressure may result in more mud deposits on muddy road soles. In the centerline of the shoe outsole, it is connected to a hard corn yellow rubber, like a long, twisting tree, with a hard texture that supports the sole. The purpose may be to raise the sole, reduce the rapid wear of black rubber; 2 increase the hardness of the sole; 3 evenly dilute the pressure of the sole.

The midsole of the shoes is the same as the popular high-end sports shoes. The EVA foam material is used. The advantage of this material is its light weight. This pair of shoes is lighter than traditional hiking shoes; it has good elasticity and can relieve the foot The vibrations came.


The upper is of medium height and can just wrap around the cheekbones, which prevents sprains on the ankle and gives more flexibility to the foot. The laces are braided into a flat strip of yellow and black, which seems to be easier to loosen than a round-section lace when it is fastened. The tongue is tall and the rules are raised.

Shoe shape, tongue and lining

From the appearance of speculation, this is a suitable for three quarters of the 1st and 2nd day lightweight hiking shoes.

Second, functional testing

In the next three months of testing, I tested it as a lightweight three-quarter walking shoe and found that the actual performance of this pair of shoes exceeded my expectations.

1. Lightweight. This pair of shoes is a lot less weight than the average walking shoes. It is easy to walk in the mountains. It is like wearing a pair of running shoes to scurry in the mountains. There is no obstacle to my pace because of the weight, especially in the 7 on foot. Hours or more.

2. Feet and comfort. The soles of the shoes are relatively wide, suitable for Asians' feet; there is a small amount of space on the toes, and the toes will not destroy the toes when they are going down; the slightly softer mid-bump design will tighten the laces and completely wrap the feet. You will feel that your ankles are trapped; when you're downhill, the midsole absorbs some of the foot's vibrations, reducing the chance of a knee injury.

3. The performance of the sole is very good. The "V" design of the smooth slope rock face, earth slope, gravel road, and black outsole plays a significant role, and the friction is much better than the usual soft outsole rubber. , so that I do not have to pay attention to the adoption of the road in the above situation. The friction on wet ground is also good.

4. Water resistance. I accidentally stepped into a muddy pond once, and the water quickly passed through the foot. I immediately lifted my foot. I thought that the wet foot had not been wetted. At that time, I discovered that the surface of the shoe had been treated with water repellent, and suddenly Irrigation and Can not penetrate into the interior of the shoe immediately.

Field testing also found two areas for improvement.

1. Breathability. The breathability of the upper is very good, but the sole seems to be unsatisfactory, and each time I wear it, I have to immediately put the shoes on the side and immediately wash the coolmax socks. And I wear the same socks and walk the same line to wear another hiking shoe. Careful analysis may also be related to the design of the insole.

The black nylon breathable layer on the insole is too thin, making the sweat sole in contact with the insole very tight, and the poor air permeability is the main reason. The blue highly elastic material at the bottom of the insole is deformed after multiple wearing pressures and cannot be restored to its original shape, rendering this shock absorbing design ineffective. It is recommended that manufacturers refer to the design of other manufacturers' insole, which can use porous hollow or sweat-absorbent materials to design the contact surface with the foot.

2. Lacing material is too smooth. After tightening, it will often open on the way.

Third, review

After several months of testing, this pair of handsome walking shoes made me feel unconscious when enjoying nature and completely changed my initial impression of it. The advantages are very prominent: the design is reasonable, light, comfortable, good friction, weak items are also easier to improve. This Colombo 3015B outdoor hiking shoe is ideal for non-rainy one- or two-day light hiking and general travel activities, it can make people happier to invest in outdoor activities.

Reviewer: sky blue

May 2005

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