Corrugated Paper Warehouse Management--Optimization of Storage System

Speaking of warehouses, everyone is very familiar with it, because companies in both the processing and manufacturing industries and the business services industry must have a warehouse. Even a Small, small workshop needs to have a temporary warehouse. In the paper container packaging industry, if the company has an assembly line to produce cardboard, sell cardboard, and manufacture cardboard boxes, then the raw and auxiliary material warehouse plus the finished product warehouse may be larger than the production workshop. As for the problems of stacking and daily management of warehouses, it is even more a headache. In particular, the base paper warehouses are characterized by reasonable stacking, ease of use, first-in-first-out, low-loss, accurate storage, and convenient library inventory. It's Easy to do it. Then, how to overcome these problems and try to achieve rationalization of warehousing, that is: not only to waste space, but also to meet the Normal production needs? Here I will discuss with you some of the issues involved in the paper stock reserve:

Paper purchase

There is a close relationship between the storage of base paper and the purchase of base paper. As an increasingly active paper container packaging manufacturing company, it is engaged in the image engineering of products. Therefore, it must pay attention to the procurement of raw paper. First of all, in the supplier's choice should be particularly cautious, once you determine a good batch of qualified suppliers do not change frequently, but also try to reduce the supplier, because the more suppliers, the greater the storage, the greater the difficulty of use, inventory , And carton factory customers are not easy to accept, because consumers often first visually determine the quality of the product, a wide range of packaging materials will affect the customer's feelings and interests. Second, according to the daily usage of preparation of procurement plans, a batch of paper products a large number of purchases, storage space can not fit, will occupy other locations. A small purchase volume will not keep up with the production schedule. This key issue must not be out of control. Once it gets out of control, it will not only cause difficulties for warehousing, but it may also lead to economic losses.

Warehouse stacking

Stacking into warehouses is a matter of comprehensive consideration. The first is the comprehensive size of the warehouse. Secondly, it is necessary to take into consideration the ease with which it can be used by scrapers. It is easier to search for libraries and to facilitate the principle of first-in, first-out. At present, many of our companies have such phenomena. Due to limited or unreasonable storage space, warehouses Stacking chaos, knowing that there is a reel, but it is difficult to find, or that has been found but placed inside, in order to get out is very troublesome, leading to the consumption of fuel, a waste of time. If your company is in the process of preparing warehouses, rebuilding warehouses, or reorganizing storage stacks, the following stacking rules are recommended:

Longitudinal stacking dimensions. First left 80cm fire exit from the wall. Then began to place the reel vertically. According to the current calculation of the reel diameter 110cm-120cm produced by most paper mills, it is generally best to place 3 reels in the vertical position to start the transport of forklifts, that is to say about 370cm (which takes into account the appropriate gap). The scraping channel generally uses 2 tons to 3 tons of claw forklifts. Combined with the actual operation conditions, the channel is suitable for 280cm, and then continue to vertically place 3 reels, plus a firefighting channel. In this way, a warehouse with the transport axis as its central axis, symmetrical distances on both sides and a width of about 12 meters is basically formed. If your warehouse's width size allows, the number of vertical reels placed in the second position can be six, that is, the length of the reel is 740cm, and a scraper is left. It can be similarly extended to the size of the final set of three reels plus fire escapes. When considering the vertical stacking dimensions, do not save the fire exits and the scraper lanes, and do not consider stacking more than three drums in one side and leaving shoveling lanes. This is not conducive to first-in, first-out, and is not conducive to finding and using. Inventory inventory. Because 100cm width can be placed below 4 heights, 160cm width can be placed below 3 heights, 250cm can be placed 2 heights, so each specification brand of paper to achieve 6 to 12 storage capacity, for For the average company, it is the best inventory.

Horizontal dimension. Mainly from the convenience of the forklift holding clips, security and other factors, generally a horizontal roll every 138cm is appropriate, and so on.

Other factors that should be taken into account when building a warehouse: light transmission and waterproof and moisture protection. Because the base paper warehouse generally has a large amount of accumulation, high light shielding rate, and the paper can not be affected by moisture, the requirements for light-transmitting and waterproofing are also particularly strict. First, the choice of roofing materials, if you choose to do light steel roofing, which is best sandwiched between 30% -40% of the white translucent good glass steel, which is conducive to light. The roof truss is recommended to choose isosceles triangles with appropriate slopes so that it is more waterproof than the flat roof. The bottom plate should also consider the ventilation and moisture proof. The bottom plate is preferably made of 30cm x 30cm “T” shaped grooved concrete structure, the groove width is about 3cm, the groove depth is about 1.5cm, which can effectively prevent the bottom of the reel from absorbing moisture, leading to both sides of the reel. Water is not balanced.

Outbound management

Generally speaking, enterprises with monthly consumption of more than 1,000 tons should establish a full-time warehouse manager to perform statistical management of daily inbound and outbound warehouses. Even for enterprises that have already used the computer scanning equipment for storage management, the administrator must also inventory the warehouse at least once a month to avoid missing records and ensure that the reserves are correct. In addition, when a certain base paper roll falls to three, the administrator should apply to the purchasing department for supplements so as not to affect the use of the production department. Upon arrival, the administrator must supervise the shoveler to put the Advanced one on the outside and the backward one on the inside. Guaranteed to be "first-in, first-out".

Loss statistics

The loss of base paper is often a problem that some companies easily overlook. In fact, if management is inadvertently managed, the loss is also astonishing. The losses mainly include damage to the stock, damage to the stacker, damage to the use of the carrier, etc. The administrator needs to handle various reasons. Breakdown classification statistics generated to find out the reasons for taking measures for different reasons.

All in all, the management of warehouses depends on the different circumstances of each company. Only according to the characteristics of the company itself, the company constantly explores and sums up experience in management, continuously improves and improves, and can fully manage and make good use of the company's warehouse.

(Author/Shou Shoufa)

June 2005 issue

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