Semi-automatic packaging machine introduced by Adpak Machinery Systems

Adpak's new AD712SA semi-automatic packaging machine can complete the packaging of pallets and non-pallet products. It has a PLC controller and the standard speed can reach 12 packs/minute instead of the traditional 6 to 8 packs/minute.

The Book-shaped Gift Box looks like a book when it is closed. This design makes it special but price comparatively cheap as this kind of packaging box can be made with machine.

The book-shaped rigid packaging box is widely used in different industries, specially in electron industry, cosmetics industry. It looks luxury and assign products higher value!

paper book shape gift box

fancy paper book shape gift box

Book-shaped Gift Box

Book-shaped Gift Box,Rectangular Book-shape Gift Box,Book-shape Rigid Gift Box,Paperboard Book-shape Gift Box

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