Non-benzene-soluble gravure ink

Product Overview: The ink is a kind of liquid ink with many kinds of advanced alcohol ester-soluble resin, fine pigments and auxiliaries.

Product use: This product is suitable for a variety of imported models and different speed gravure printing machine, because it does not contain aromatic solvents (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene), ketone solvents, isopropyl alcohol, n-butanol, acetate Ester and other toxic, harmful, heavier odor, slower evaporation of the material, especially for food, beverages, cigarette labels and other industries printing.

Product features: With alcohol ester as the main solvent, it has no offensive odor, no toxicity, no corrosion, suitable dryness, excellent printing adaptability, high gloss, good leveling property, good overprint property, good solvent release, and colorful Strong adhesion.

Product Specifications: Viscosity: 60-120 seconds 25°C
Fineness: <10μm
Thinner: alcohol, lipid solids: 40±1% (120°C.lhr)
Product Verification: On the Stevenson and Bobst gravure presses, 80-230 m/min, full-format color inks and a small amount of color inks give better printability and leveling.
Product technical information content: Formulation, manufacturing process, raw material supply list, equipment inventory, recipe maintenance methods, raw material inspection and product quality inspection, cost accounting, usage methods

Source: China Tobacco Packaging Ink Information Network

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