Grape fresh paper production method and equipment

【Patent Type】 Invention Patent 【Patent Name】 Production method and equipment for grape fresh paper 【Applicant】 Xinjiang University; Urumqi Wencheng Security Printing Co., Ltd. [Inventor] Fu Junhuai; Wang Jide; Guan Min; Wang Qili; Li Zhaogui Address of the applicant] 830046 Xinjiang University, Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region No. 14 [Application Number] 200410085442.7
【 Application Date 】 2004.10.11
【Accredited Announcement No.】 1760446
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.04.19
[Main classification number] D21H23/22(2006.01)I
[Category] D21H23/22(2006.01)I D21H21/36(2006.01)I
【Sovereign Items】 1. A production method and equipment for grape fresh-keeping paper, which is characterized in that it comprises a paper feed roller, a paper guide roller, a feeding device, a heat-seal roller, a perforated shaft, a paper feed roller, a cutter, and other transmission components. An integrated device, a flat grid made of composite hot pressing of an underlying substrate and an upper substrate, and an anti-staling agent are put in the squares.
[Instruction CD-ROM] D0616-1
[Abstract] The present invention provides a production device and method for producing grape fresh-keeping paper. Production equipment: Speed-adjusting motor is driven by chain through reducer, driving heat-sealing roller, cutter and feeder and other components to complete the production process of quantitative quantitative feeding, compounding, hot pressing, cutting, punching, counting, etc. . Method: The powdered solid grape preservatives are mixed uniformly, quantitatively fed and dry-processed. In the bottom layer and the surface layer base material, the independent flat squares formed by composite hot pressing are put into the square grid, and the preservative is put in the square grid. After cutting, punching, and packaging into a product of grape fresh paper. The invention is characterized in that: the production speed and product quality of the grape fresh-keeping paper are improved, no environmental pollution is affected, and the fresh-keeping paper is easy to use and has good preservation effect.

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