Car removable face towel box

【Patent Type】 Utility Model 【Patent Name】 A car removable facial tissue box 【Applicant】 Deng Yingzhong [Inventor] Deng Yingzhong [Address of Principal Applicant] 528411 Guangdong Zhongshun Paper, Shalang Hi-tech Development Zone, West District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province Industry Group Co., Ltd. [application number] 200520057465.7
【 Application Date 】 2005.04.25
[Verification notice number] 2788722
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.06.21
[Main classification number] A47K10/42(2006.01)I
[Category] A47K10/42(2006.01)I
Sovereignty Item 1. A removable facial tissue carton box for a vehicle, comprising a box body (1) and at least one extraction port (2) disposed on the box body (1) for extracting facial tissues, characterized in that the box The body (1) is a flat cuboid, and the extraction port (2) is provided on a flat side plate of the box body (1).
[Instructions CD-ROM] D0625-2
【Abstracts】 A removable facial tissue carton box includes a box body and an extraction port disposed on the box body for extracting the facial tissue. The feature is that the box body is a flat rectangular parallelepiped, and the extraction port is set at The flat side plate of the box. Because the utility model cleverly adopts the structure of opening a pumping outlet on the flat side plate of the flat rectangular box body, when the utility model is applied to the automobile, it can be conveniently placed on the automobile instrument panel and the gear box. The wind glass platen and the door vertical cabinet, and the extraction port thereof can conveniently face the position of the user, greatly facilitating the extraction of the paper towel.
【 Agency 】 Guangdong Century Patent Office 【 Agent 】 Liu Runyu

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