Removable facial tissue box

【patent type】 utility model 【patent name】 removable facial tissue box 【applicant】 Guo Wenrui [inventor] Guo Wenrui 【main applicant address】 129, Yuehu Road, Yuemei Village, Houli Town, Taichung City, Taiwan 【Application Number】 200420037667.0
【 Application Date 】 2004.07.16
[Examination and announcement number] 2741490
【 Validation announcement date 】 2005.11.23
【 Main Category 】 A47K10/42
[Category] A47K10/42
Sovereignty Item 1. A removable facial tissue box, characterized in that it includes a box body and a pressure plate, the box body being composed of a bottom surface and a side wall of a size slightly larger than the facial tissue, forming a receiving space for placing a facial tissue. The platen is slightly smaller than the bottom surface and has a suction opening that presses the facial tissue against the bottom surface.
[Instructions CD-ROM] D0547
【Abstracts】 The utility model discloses a removable paper towel box which is provided sheet by sheet and convenient in use, and comprises a box body and a pressure plate. The box body is composed of a bottom surface with a size slightly larger than a facial tissue and a surrounding side plate, and forms the box. The accommodation space of the tissue paper, the platen size is slightly smaller than the bottom surface and has a suction outlet, and the pressure plate presses the facial tissue onto the bottom surface.
【 Agency 】 Shanghai Xintian Patent Agency Co., Ltd. [Agent] Xu Weiqi

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