TOTO welfare product lift toilet aid (with armrest)

Product specification

Model: GEWC141

Product Name: Lifting Toilet Aid (with armrest)

Size: when tilting up and down: w: 647 × d: 75 ~ 689 × h: 600 ~ 718 (mm)

When lifting vertically: w: 647 × w: 575 ~ 589 × h: 600 ~ 717 (mm)

Power: 80W

Power supply: 220V (50Hz)

Remarks: Washlet and toilet are sold separately

Recommended with: Wei Xieli TCF6431CSV7

Coverless Toilet TC376CSJ-1


The design is simple and compact, and can be installed in a small toilet.

The lift toilet seat is easy to install and only needs to be fixed on the ground.

The armrest and toilet seat are raised and lowered together and can be used with confidence.

The height of the armrest can be divided into 2 levels for adjustment, and the adjustment interval of each level is 50mm.

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TOTO welfare products TOTO bathroom simple toilet design

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